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  1. minor_accident

    Hi, I'm Ruminator

  2. minor_accident

    Database Wipe Incoming 3.17.2

    Hopefully this resolves the insurance claim problem. I can't even get to most of my ships!
  3. minor_accident

    Database Wipe Incoming 3.17.2

    You lose your IG purchased ships & vehicles, right? Not just credits, guns, etc?
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  6. minor_accident

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Am I the only one here who can't stop thinking about the fact that @Lorddarthvik has his 'Z' and 'Y' keys switched out? 😝
  7. minor_accident

    Sketchy Multi-tools?

    GOT ONE!!! I bought one at the cargo center (it was pre-loaded with a med, of course), and noticed there's a check box to buy the attachment with the tool in the purchasing screen. I unchecked it, and it went into my inventory empty. I was finally able to load a tractor beam into it, and...
  8. minor_accident

    Shit new applicants are saying

    UNLESS??? :wut:
  9. minor_accident

    Other Prospector mounting head

    Also make sure your storage location is set to the station. Mine usually defaults to my backpack at kiosks, and sometimes I forget to reset it and have to go back to the menu. You'll find it at the upper left, in the first filter drop-down menu if you haven't used it before.
  10. minor_accident

    Sketchy Multi-tools?

    For the last couple of days, every one I get, whether looted or purchased, automatically has the medical attachment on. But then, none of them will let me switch it out with a tractor beam or mining laser. In fact, about 20% of the time, if I try to switch the attachment out (let's say...
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    Hi :)

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  14. minor_accident

    what dis?

    Just noticed the shadows don't match up...
  15. minor_accident

    Caterpillar internal rework on the way?

    I'd heard they did (somewhere), but I've only been playing a few months, so don't take my word for it! I'd also be pissed if they axed the side doors! they'll be even more useful when tractor beams are a thing.
  16. minor_accident

    Caterpillar internal rework on the way?

    I suspect they were just using "stock photos" of the ships. One CB image shows the docking ports (which I believe the original model had), but the skinned CB has the side doors. If they change anything about the CB, I hope it's a fix of the retarded hab section design. Yes, I will rant about...
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