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  1. Vahl K. Rii

    HURSTON TAILCHASING - Friday, 12th Nov, 2300 [UTC]

    GREETINGS TESTIES!!! IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER EVENT! As new gameplay loops are readied in the PTU, we'll be giving some love to the older gameplay loops we tried to enjoy. IT'S TIME TO GET SPOOKY! EDIT: This was actually planned for October (thus the spooky callout). But even after halloween's...
  2. Vahl K. Rii

    OPERATION STARTRACK - Friday, 5th Nov, 2300 [UTC]

    ATTENTION ALL LOGISTICS PERSONNEL TEST SQUADRON NEEDS YOU! A pilot exercise has been stormed up by TEST tacticians to fuel the furnace that thrums at the heart of this organization. WE NEED ASSETS! The plan is simple, but requires effort: We will be up a sample of all FPS equipment from...
  3. Vahl K. Rii

    Operation Starfish - Flight of the firework Pisces - Sat Oct 30 2021 0200h UTC

    It's about high time we gave these fireworks a good "TEST'n". And by that I mean let's load them on the back of a Pisces and see what dumb shenanigans we can get away with. That's right, at Sat Oct 30 2021 0200h UTC we'll be meeting up on Grim Hex doing everything that the packaging expressly...
  4. Vahl K. Rii

    Esperia Should Restore the Redeemer

    I've been thinking a lot about the Redeemer on how the ship no longer fits in it's current manufacturer's aesthetic and while I've had the belief that Esperia should take on the ship as part of their fleet, I've never had any real reason besides "It kinda looks like a Prowler?" until recently...
  5. Vahl K. Rii

    Yela Jumptown/Drug lab coordinates (and other stuff)

    Salutations Everyone! With the dynamic movement of the Orbital Markers with 3.3 and jumptowns now rather more complex tracking, a triangulation map as been made. (Link is directly below.) The way the triangulation...
  6. Vahl K. Rii

    Hello from below; aloha from down under!

    Greetings all, I'm Vahl K. Rii, with VKR-13 being my RSI handle. I'm From Australia as you can guess from the ridiculous thread name. I have questionable net latency unless I'm accessing my own homeland's servers, which then everyone else outside has bad networking. It's horribly binary like...
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