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  1. Lemming

    PSA- BB CCUs are full price now.

    Not sure if its a bug or what, but all ccus in buyback are full price now, so warbond or standard, doesn't matter its full price to pull out of buyback.
  2. Lemming

    Ship showdown predictions?

    It's probably better to wait until the brackets are out, but does anyone else have any super early final 4 predictions? Mine are Carrack MSR Hurricane Cutlass Black
  3. Lemming


    Looking to get a few ccus if anyone has one just sitting in BB would rather give some cash to a test person then a grey market person Gemini to WB Valk 600i explorer or m2 to $500 carrack Thanks for reading my message.
  4. Lemming

    Is this thing on?

    Where you from stranger? Floriduh What drew you to Star Citizen? I remember hearing about SC back in kick starter days and saying that guy is crazy. Didn't really pay much attention but ship showdown 2950 i joined and couldn't get out of bed. So I thought well this game is amazing glad I...
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