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  1. Chip Hazzard

    25% off GameGlass until end of October!

    GameGlass has got a 25% sale on for a few days (until 31st October I think), just have to enter "GGgoesBIG" at checkout. I use it for SC, and think it is awesome, so thought I would share with you fantastic bunch of drunks :like:
  2. Chip Hazzard

    Cutlass Red or Apollo Triage?

    Hi guys, I currently have both a Cutlass Red and Apollo Triage for Search & Rescue ops, but was wondering if I should just have one or the other? Below is my quick take on main differences for the 2 ships (as of the ship matrix), I like the fact that the Apollo has a some living space for long...
  3. Chip Hazzard

    Advice on Cat upgrading please

    Hi you glorious lot! So, I am looking to upgrade the Caterpillar as I am not really going to be doing much hauling of large good. So was looking for some advice on ships I could upgrade it too? I am mainly going to focus on Bounty Hunting/Merc/Search & Rescue type of stuff (with a bit of...
  4. Chip Hazzard


    Good day all fellow TESTies! After a year of lurking in a dark corner, thought I would wonder up to the bar and say hi! Where you from stranger? The UK What drew you to Star Citizen? The ability to do what you want, fly where you like, in whatever you like, with a beer in hand! What do you...
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