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  1. Grimbli

    GPU Usage from ISC video.

    Did anyone else notice this standing out? My old GPU was a 980ti which was 6gb and I'm good now with a 3080, but some people have some lower end stuff. What are you guys using? 4gb VRAM used?? Personally I knew about the 16gb system RAM, but that seems like a lot of video power.
  2. Grimbli

    Five years in this Org?!?

    I'm as shocked as the rest of you! Can't believe it's been five years already. Although 2020 doesn't count. Love you guys! I need to get in Discord more...
  3. Grimbli

    Need help with upgrading 7yo computer.

    So I was planning to build a computer within a few months, but that looks like it may not happen. So I need help figuring out what I can do fairly cheaply to extend life on my current 7-8 year old computer I built. I know I need a few things such as another SSD since I'm running out of space...
  4. Grimbli

    Grimbli's Reclamation Yard

    Figured it was time I open up my Buybacks and make them available for Testies! Let me know if anything catches your fancy, I'm mostly selling to up my concierge. All items have LTI and some offer a small savings over current prices, but when added PayPal fees it might not be much. 2 Vanduul...
  5. Grimbli

    Steam is down?

    Anyone having trouble with Steam? I've been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight recently and it kicked me off saying no connection. P.S. If you want to join me in dbd my Steam id is on my profile
  6. Grimbli

    Last chance to buy!

    EDIT: Welp, nevermind. It went live earlier than I thought. And it did go up in price a stupid amount! I still have a Megapack in my cart, wonder if I can still check out lol With the release of the Carrack they are updating the 2948 Explorer and Explorer Megapack to a 2950 version. Not...
  7. Grimbli

    WTB M2 to A2 Upgrade

    Restructuring fleet and wanting to upgrade to A2. Hopefully someone has one.
  8. Grimbli

    Installed new RAM, computer slowed down!

    SOLVED!! Thanks @Vavrik ! Decided to upgrade my RAM and got 2x8gb to replace 2 of my 4x4gb. Both are DDR3, Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz, but the new ones have different heat sinks. My computer recognizes that I now have 24GB, but very shortly after turning on it begins shuddering as if I'm...
  9. Grimbli

    WTB Upgrade to Banu Defender and Pisces Expedition Carrack Upgrade

    As the title says. Ideally I'd prefer the cheapest path to the Defender as I wish to use real money on their store to support a bit more, but since not all ships are available to purchase all the time, a Prospector would probably be perfect. I have those in buyback. The Carrack upgrade would...
  10. Grimbli

    First time online in a LONG time!

    Decided to get on recently to see what new has been introduced. Did several trading missions and even made about 30k! Flew a few of my ships to see how they'd handle (Eclipse is smooth as butter!) Checked out Microtech.
  11. Grimbli

    3 Years?!

    Can't believe it's been 3 years! I should celebrate by blowing something up!
  12. Grimbli

    Everyone's excited for Anthem and Division 2, what about Generation Zero?

    This looks kinda cool to me and is supposed to have an online mode, maybe not as huge as the other two, but I'm interested!
  13. Grimbli

    High RAM Usage

    I seem to have a problem with a lot of my RAM being used even after a restart with nothing open. I have 16GB and usually about 5-6 free after restarting. Been looking up online and found these supposed "RAM Cleaners", but most require you to pay or seem sketchy. Let me know what you guys...
  14. Grimbli

    RSI Flair December 2016- January 2018

    I've got a copy of every piece of flair during this time from the Imperator level. Looking to trade them for other pieces of flair from other dates I've missed out on. Not looking for cash, just a trade from other months before and after the dates of the title. Here's a list of what I got...
  15. Grimbli

    My First Supply Run!

    First time in game actually going to another location than around Crusader, I traveled to Hurston and landed at a random spot on the planet. (I didn't even crash!) Went inside and noticed I could buy some stuff! Only took my Freelancer, not a MAX yet, and it looks decent inside my ship. Was...
  16. Grimbli

    Reclaimer Adventures!

    Got some time inside game and took my Reclaimer out for a spin. Landed on Yela to check it out. #3 is my favorite! View:
  17. Grimbli

    A Tale of 3.1

    So I'll admit it's been a while since I've gotten into SC. The amount of things to do in the PU before 3.0 was scarce and I haven't had much time since 3.0 dropped to play around. So a few things have changed and I don't know how to work a ship. But I decided since my original favorite ship...
  18. Grimbli

    Nostalgic Board Game!

    Not sure if any of you ever played this as a kid or ever heard of it. But there's a game called Fireball Island that's getting reworked by a company that brings back old games. I used to love this damned thing, like the ultimate game of Sorry! Anyways, their Kickstarter launched today and I...
  19. Grimbli

    [SOLD] Unfortunately must sell some ships...

    Both of these are sold. Two month old accounts with 3 posts can stop messaging me now. Thanks everyone!
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