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  1. SoloPlayerZA

    My second real video... please gib feedback!

    Hi all! Almost a happy Christmas! I have moved to a new home, that is in the middle of renovation, with a 7 month old and a sausage dog... hard to work and make videos! xD But here is my second real video, I will appreciate some feedback! Thank you all!
  2. SoloPlayerZA

    Youtube video take 2...

    Hi all Thank you for all the amazing support and advice. I have taken a lot of it to heart and hope it shows in this video. Please do give further advice for me to improve, as well as the type of content you would like to see / feel is currently missing on the youtubes! Cheers!
  3. SoloPlayerZA

    My first real YT video - Why NOT to get the MISC Odyssey

    Hi All! As I mentioned last week, I have started a YouTube channel for fun! I have made many random videos to start to figure out what my style will be, even tried live streaming and got PWNED by a HH lol. Anyways, this is my real first video with some production. I would love to hear your...
  4. SoloPlayerZA

    To RAFT or not RAFT?...

    What do you think of the RAFT? Will you get it or replace a ship with it? Why / Why not? I think its a nice ship for future use, I dont really see a better use for it now compared to what is there. The extra space with the kitchen, gun lockers, space for suits / clothes is very nifty and the...
  5. SoloPlayerZA

    Changing my name FYI

    Hi all! just to inform you that I am changing my name from P1pp3n to Solo Player. I'm starting a YouTube channel for fun so want to "rebrand" everywhere. For Star Citizen I want to see what one can solo and to what extent :) Yes, I will be soloing Carrack's, Orions, Endeavors, etc. Deal with...
  6. SoloPlayerZA

    Redeemer vs Warden - thoughts?

    Hi all! For those of you that have had a chance to take the redeemer for a spin, I would love to hear your thoughts on it as a bounty hunter / PVE combat ship? I know it’s not for a solo player and its for multicrew… Regardless! Would you recommend this or the warden for a solo pve combat...
  7. SoloPlayerZA

    WTB a CCU to Carrack - best would be 600i Explorer to Carrack

    As the title says, cheers!
  8. SoloPlayerZA

    Advice for new dad

    Hi there. So I am becoming a dad soon and scared AF! Besides all that, I need some advice from gamer dads. Is it still possible to game with a newborn? If so how do you do it? I obviously want to give my full attention and be there, but also need the escape of gaming. How do you balance...
  9. SoloPlayerZA

    Reality check on Concierge / Chairmans club and the true CIG business model

    This is a drama post regarding how crap "Concierge" is and the frustration on how CIG is changing, as well as the business model that is being made very clear: The focus is on fresh money from new pilots (referral program where you do the marketing and sales for them) and getting consistent...
  10. SoloPlayerZA

    Can some PVP pros please help an industrialist get the Cat pirate skin? Pretty please???

    I suck at PVP (due to ping and pc restrictions) and basically have a Cutty Black to use for the Pirate Swarm. Not getting very far. Can someone / some people please help me get this? Can we maybe have an event if there are more people that are looking to get it? Cheers!
  11. SoloPlayerZA

    Why is there so much hate for the Starfarer?

    Ive been looking at it, but there are many mixed feelings. Almost as if it was the best thing ever when it released, but these days it seems to be more of a meme. I dont understand why? Is it just that it has the MISC view? Or that its badly designed? I get fuel mechanics are not out so its...
  12. SoloPlayerZA

    MSR makes MAX and Cutty Black obsolete? Thoughts?

    Hi all I know the price point is very different... but if you had a Cutty and a MAX, would the MSR not make them both obsolete? So if you had these two, would it not be better to melt them and get a MSR? My main question: -Is there anything the MAX and / or Cutty can do that the MSR cannot...
  13. SoloPlayerZA

    More hanger advice - ARGO Mole for a solo player? Good endgame for solo miner? No?

    Hi all With such awesome feedback on my "fighter" ship questions, I thought I would ask the rock haters on the viability of the ARGO Mole as a ship for a solo player? I own a prospector and considering the upgrade... but I do understand and realise all the "inefficiencies" as a solo player in...
  14. SoloPlayerZA

    Need some hanger advice - a "fighter" ship

    Hi all I need some help deciding on a "fighter" ship. I am looking at something that can take down Buccaneers to Caterpillars (or even Hammerheads :) ). It should be almost an everyday ship that can do many types of shooting. With all the research I have done the Vanguard or MIS seem to be the...
  15. SoloPlayerZA


    Where you from stranger? South Africa What drew you to Star Citizen? The internet What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) Flying a spaceship What was the first game you remember playing? Star Citizen What other games do you play? Solitaire How did you first...
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