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  1. Sayora

    Joystick advice...

    Ok.. I am appealing to the Wisdom of Test Squadron - Ya I know.. first mistake I am considering joining the elite analog input crew! However, never having used a joy stick (ha ha..) and being a long time KBM MMO goddess! I don't know if I want to invest heavily in this, but having done a...
  2. Sayora

    Rumors being spread on spectrum of how nice our glorious leader is!

    Might give us a good name.
  3. Sayora

    New System

    Got my bonus and spent a chunk on a new build! First part came in today have to wait till next week for the rest sadly...
  4. Sayora

    Glorious Armor colors!

  5. Sayora

    Got it! [WTB] Catapillar CCU

    And I got one!
  6. Sayora

    Squadron 42 Roadmap!
  7. Sayora

    Hello Test !

    Where you from stranger? New York, the hick part not the "big city" What drew you to Star Citizen? Been watching it for years, finally threw money at them afew months ago (and my bank has been whimpering ever since) What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc)...
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