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  1. Harkonan

    Elite: Dangerous anyone?

    ED made me realize I might actually enjoy hauling cargo in Star Citizen. Great game to chill to even today. Not sure about the legs update and like others, hasn't really driven me to purchase the update. I kind of enjoyed the fact that it was unapologetically a more old school sci-fi space...
  2. Harkonan

    Star Citizen Roadmap 3.17.2

    I kind of feel the opposite. The next few patches after the 3.17 branch are probably going to be incredibly painful, which is why they're flat out telling the community it's going to take time to cook on PTU for awhile. They won't move it to live until it's at least somewhat as stable as...
  3. Harkonan

    MULE! Looks like a handy vehicle for those bunkers

    You can tell by the name this was inspired by Jumptown. It's a drug/contraband runner brought to you by Drake. Nifty little thing.
  4. Harkonan

    New Concept Sale - Legionnaire

    People wish. lol The only ships to ever be in that price range have been the starter Aurora's and Mustang's. Most ships were in the $60-$125 price range even back then. The Connie was the wallet dumper of the time.
  5. Harkonan

    New Concept Sale - Legionnaire

    Woah ... A ship priced like it's 2015. Noice!
  6. Harkonan

    The coming NFT crash of 2022

    NFTs - When your wife is out banging the neighbor, but you own the marriage certificate.
  7. Harkonan

    CIG needs to give us a Squadron 42 update this Quarter!

    Plot Twist ... SQ42 has stand alone multiplayer. Gotta get Theaters of War polished.
  8. Harkonan

    [Video] Roadmap Rage - The community is losing patience.

    "You always do this to yourself." would be my comment to CIG. Personally, I don't care how they do their development progress tracking. The Road Map could be just the next upcoming patch for all I care. But when you start hyping things and put them on your map, you'll get the same result if...
  9. Harkonan

    [Video] Roadmap Rage - The community is losing patience.

    No one argues CIG can't and won't make mistakes. They should try owning it for once and explaining their problems, instead of pointing to the social media backlash that comes from their own lack of perceived progress.
  10. Harkonan

    [Video] Roadmap Rage - The community is losing patience.

    Again, CIG literally sets expectations. It's no one else's fault when they don't meet those expectations. Bringing up "passionate gamers" is just a way to pass the blame unto the community and we see enough of that already with AAA studios and media. "The current system doesn't work because a...
  11. Harkonan

    [Video] Roadmap Rage - The community is losing patience.

    Giving the Cutty a new paint job, adding guns, and charging an extra $140 for it has as much to do with increased profits as making people angry ... let's be real. It's not about whether people will stop buying or not ... because we all know in mass, they won't. It's about CIG's attitude...
  12. Harkonan

    [Video] Roadmap Rage - The community is losing patience.

    CIG controls expectations, literally. There wasn't even a need to bring up the community honestly. It's not the communities fault that they turned the Road Map into yet another Wish List for future content. Something they said they were done doing, btw. Road Map features were suppose to be...
  13. Harkonan

    Roadmap Roundup: Cutting Release View To Show Next Release Only

    Here's an idea CIG .... Actually deliver on the update goals or don't put them on the "progress tracker" at all. Stop "winging it" and blaming the funders for being upset that stated updates get pushed back to infinity. Gameplay progress is expected, period. Don't promise what you can't...
  14. Harkonan

    Latest whitebox of the Corsair

    To me, the Corsair is the direct competitor to the Aquila. You sacrifice the snub and gain pilot power. Both able to hold an exploration vehicle. 400i kinda does it's own thing. More like a high end touring explorer. None of them are going to be ships you want to look for fights in solo...
  15. Harkonan

    Latest whitebox of the Corsair

    I love the sci-fi design language and I believe she is going to be one mean all-arounder for longer travels. Corsair, Sen, Herald, and MSR are where I plan to be on most of my solo/small crew adventures. This will be a really fun ship once most of the core gameplay is online.
  16. Harkonan

    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    Choose an amount you're willing to give to CIG. Look at ships in that price range that fit the look and gameplay you might interested. Test them in-game. Decide. There's too many options to get a 'meta' answer on this. It depends entirely on what you want to do, whether you enjoy a...
  17. Harkonan

    Can Star Citizen keep up its record level of funding in 2022?

    The "average cost" of an "expensive" ship continues to go up. Old concepts continue to raise in price. More exposure overall. Dedicated backers. They will continue to grow.
  18. Harkonan

    CIG Dev response to Ares Ion nerf

    From my understanding, it was marketed as a long range sniper ... for LARGE ships. Similar to how the cannons on the Jav are meant to be used. The problem with the original implementation was that it was able to kill literally anything. But it's meant to be a support class ship. A ship...
  19. Harkonan

    what is yalls opinions on org taxes?

    100 bottle caps a week ... but not a single cap more!
  20. Harkonan

    Second thoughts on the Odyssey

    My Corsair will 100% be an exploration ship. This baby is getting enough fuel and the components to handle solo/small crew general exploration at decent distances. Hopefully the onboard servers play nice with the Herald and MSR.
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