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  1. Randson

    Let's all @blind owl.

    I suppose I could @Blind Owl
  2. Randson

    TEST #1 Most Missions Completed - XenoThreat

    Ahh, sweet redemption!
  3. Randson

    Number 2??

    A chance to redeem ourselves is coming up this weekend with Xenothreat.
  4. Randson

    Liberator Attack Wing

    Not to knock your idea at all, but with the amount of people invested in this idea, I think Id rather have a larger main ship and use that. So many people for such small guns, your damage/pilot will very small. Nevermind the fact that the Liberator has very little defenses of its own anyway, so...
  5. Randson

    Regarding concierge support

    Probably the game package. As far as im aware, that was the only two major changes they made within the first round.
  6. Randson

    Say goodbye to racing games...

    Thankfully I only really play the Forza titles these days. Patiently excited for Forza Motorsport. Hearing all of the new stuff they're adding driver mechanics-wise, It sounds like a leap from where they were with Forza 7. I'll be content.
  7. Randson

    I feel left out by TEST: my favorite ship is missing from profile hangar

    I can definitely relate. I wouldn't doubt that this is the case for a lot of people. Especially this time of year. It's still alpha. Plenty of time to make a bigger name for yourself. I find my solution to lurk on the forums and randomly post here and there.
  8. Randson

    CIG marketing once again is clueless

    Yeah.. between this AND the pricing on the Cutty Steel. I think they dropped the ball. Could have done a lot more. Don't get me wrong though, I wholly appreciate the free stuff. Each and every one of those skins and items, someone went through the trouble and time to make. Even the art...
  9. Randson

    600i interior remake

    I know this is a pretty late reply but i think the biggest calling card for Origin ships is something not in game yet. Early Origin ships were always advertised as high performing ships, yes, but they were also advertised as highly automated or high tech. Now, we haven't seen...
  10. Randson

    Them ships are going through pipes

    1000x this ^ Those Two Entire Years of logging in only for the game to crash less than 30 seconds in. People think 30k's are bad now. There was a time when you couldn't even run arena commander! Just thinking about that gives me flashbacks. xD
  11. Randson

    Them ships are going through pipes

    They have made so much progress. I remember the short ship list way back when I first got into it in 2014. The quality, the content, literally everything is 10x where we started. Progress may not have been apparent then, but it sure as hell is now. Which is good motivation to keep pledging on my...
  12. Randson

    Regarding concierge support

    Honestly, my opinion is: They're doing their job, and when able to, they do it very very well! Always had good interactions with the concierge staff. Always. just, i dont feel service is to their intended speed nor level. they know that too, hence recent changes and the survey. They want a good...
  13. Randson

    New Ships IAE

    At the end of the most recent ISC, Jared describes it as "big". id guess something at least carrack sized. Back in the ship talk during citcon, it was suggested to be a competitor to the carrack. At least at the time.
  14. Randson

    SIM RACING + ATS/ETS (or IRL Racers?)

    ill have you added momentarily!
  15. Randson

    SIM RACING + ATS/ETS (or IRL Racers?)

    That Rear spoiler. The thing is a Diesel-powered plane, I'm sure of it! (That or its a Decepticon, either way, its awesome)
  16. Randson

    SIM RACING + ATS/ETS (or IRL Racers?)

    are you by chance getting Forza Horizon 5? Comes out I think on the 9th. Different kinda racer, more arcadish, but trying to find people who are.
  17. Randson

    SIM RACING + ATS/ETS (or IRL Racers?)

    I’ve raced Forza since Forza 2 and owned every title since. Still top 20 Nurburgring on FM7 overall. Haven’t really been at it as I’m waiting for the next title to drop. Burnt myself out hot lapping. This was me two months ago getting right back into it to see how rusty I’d gotten. And uh. I...
  18. Randson

    So will Pyro 3 be the test homebase?

    Couldn't agree more. Plus, as always. Strength in numbers. Just uh. Don't forget to cut your grass and don't start your M50 at 3 AM. Thanks.
  19. Randson

    Buybacks available :)

    Purchased a 600i Explorer to Hull E upgrade. Transaction couldn't have been easier. Would recommend 100%. Thanks, Elmy.
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