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  1. Graptor

    Drake Cutlass Steel?

  2. Graptor

    Fighters and (New) Flight Model?

    This is a great conversation. I'm learning a ton! I'm glad there is some Cutty brainstorming in here, as that's the only ship I have (other than an Aurora, of course). I'd love to get the Cutty outfitted to be an all around good beast to take into combat or do some small cargo runs! But now...
  3. Graptor

    Fighters and (New) Flight Model?

    I almost flew out there with my Cutty last night, but the new version stripped away my upgrades so I figured I would spend some time getting my upgrades back first.
  4. Graptor

    p##sed right off...

    I was thinking of the Squadron the whole time I tried to extract myself from the tree! LOL. I was having a blast. I laughed for 5 minutes after hitting F4 and seeing the predicament I had gotten myself into. That shot was from several weeks ago, and I've since learned to land there, and...
  5. Graptor

    p##sed right off...

    Yep. Taking it very seriously. I was listening to "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd and this happened:
  6. Graptor

    p##sed right off...

    I came back recently with similar issues. I have used my Cutty Black now to run those 3 box missions. I'm such a bad pilot I couldn't do ANY of the missions where someone shot at me. LOL. But, by doing the 3 box missions around Port O. I've learned to fly again (my experience, the 3 box...
  7. Graptor


    Some great feedback! Thanks. Especially the new method for hunting ducks. I suppose it would work for goose hunting also. LOL. I looked at the DPS calculator. I'll need more than one beer to figure it all out, but what a great site for planning loadouts. I've OBVIOUSLY got some research...
  8. Graptor


    Great timing on this question. So I've been absent for 2-3 years, finally built a rig that can keep up, and at the IAE bought a Cutty Black. I've spent the last month learning how to fly again. Now I'm ready for some pew-pew myself. I've done enough flying missions to save up some aUEC, and...
  9. Graptor

    The Lost Ship Dilemma!

    Awesome! Thanks for the ideas.
  10. Graptor

    The Lost Ship Dilemma!

    After a couple years away, I finally started up with SC again just before the IAE, and finally bought something other than my Mustang starter ship! Got the Cutty Black with the best in show paint. Upgraded from a Nomad and even saved myself 10 bucks. Since then I've been learning to fly all...
  11. Graptor

    5 freaking years? Already?!?

    And a happy 5th year TESTieversary!! How many liters of beer is that over 5 years? 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 !
  12. Graptor

    Colorado TESTies

    Well, a CO Testies thread! I'm in. Looking forward to getting out somewhere sometime soon.
  13. Graptor


    First, Welcom to Test! Second, I live up here in Broomfield, right along the I-25 corridor!! WHEN DO THE DAMN BARS OPEN UP AGAIN?!?!?! LOL.
  14. Graptor

    COVID Buddy-check thread

    @Blind Owl thanks for the great thread. I wish everyone the best of luck during this time of uncertainty. The adjustment has been easy. I've worked at home as a consultant for 15 years now. What I miss is my morning coffee shop time. Several mornings a week I'd work from a local coffee shop...
  15. Graptor

    PC Part advice plz

    After a couple years now not playing SC, I decided a couple weeks ago to do a budget build. Found a suggested build on the web. Don't need a case or a GPU, so it's paired down to under $400. Upgrading the SSD to 500GB, and upgrading power supply to at least 500W and the MOBO to an MSI full...
  16. Graptor

    Magazine cover from 2000, 1ghz amazing!

    Damn! Some of you guys must be older even than me! I figured I was about the oldest, but maybe not? I graduated high school in 1979 and I think by 1982 my Dad had some IBM clone with dual 5 1/4 drives. Soon thereafter the first version of Windows got us all worked up, we had to swap disks...
  17. Graptor

    TEST Book Club - July Voting (CLOSED)

    I vote #1
  18. Graptor

    TEST Book Club - June Selection

    BTW, @Printimus, the GoodReads link in your sig doesn't work for me. Clicking it gets me this on the Goodreads Groups page: I did search for and find the group to join.
  19. Graptor

    TEST Book Club - June Selection

    Been looking to join in since January, but my book list was deep. I did make room for @Han Burgundy 's book 'The Aimless Expedition', but a month late (it was excellent, btw). Finally this month I'm caught up looking for what's next! Just went to Barnes & Noble with my daughter and bought...
  20. Graptor

    25th Anniversary of Babylon 5

    @Blind Owl!! Good to see you! HAH!! Took a bit of a break from it all. Not just here. Life has tossed in some pretty good curve balls on me! Took leave for a bit to put my head back on straight. This is neither the time or place for *that* conversation though. I need lots more beer for...
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