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  1. Doc Flanigan

    mARRk it on the calendARR

    The Skull and Crossbones skin is coming soon! ARRRGH! This is fantastic news! I've been looking forward to this skin for a long time. September 19th is talk like a pirate day in the US. So hopefully it will drop by then...
  2. Doc Flanigan

    When is the Deluxe Ground Vehicle pack offered for sale?

    Does anyone know when this pack is normally offered for sale, or when it was last offered for sale? I've been wanting to buy one these for a while, but I haven't seen it available the last few big sales, including IAE and ILW. Think Concierge support would allow me to purchase it, if I...
  3. Doc Flanigan

    Oculus Quest 128GB w/ upgrades SOLD

    I’ve got an original Oculus Quest 128GB for sale. I’ve upgraded it with the HTC Vive Deluxe audio strap, often referred to as the “FrankenQuest”. I’m including a OculusLink cable for tethering to a PC, the original head strap, charger and original box. The unit is very clean and works great...
  4. Doc Flanigan

    ASUS ROG Strix G15 Gaming laptop - SOLD

    Selling my ASUS ROG strix G15 Gaming Laptop. It’s a great machine, that runs flawlessly. It’s in perfect condition. I bought it to game while I traveled, but I don't travel much anymore and it just sits. It handles Star Citzen pretty well on medium to high settings, and is a very enjoyable...
  5. Doc Flanigan

    WTB - CCU from Hercules C2 to 600i Exploration

    Anybody got one? I am PayPal ready and anxious to complete a last minute CCU chain.
  6. Doc Flanigan

    [WTB] BIS 2950 CCU's

    I know it's probably a long shot, but I'm interested in buying any of the BIS 2950 CCU's. There was a Cutlass Black, Valkyrie, Eclipse and Carrack. I'm interested in any and all of them.
  7. Doc Flanigan

    WTB: Carrack CCU - Completed!!

    I have the base Carrack, and would like the expedition skin, and also the C8X with matching expedition skin. Therefore I believe I need a Carrack to Carrack Expedition with C8X CCU. Does anyone have one they’d like to sell?
  8. Doc Flanigan

    Metal TEST Squadron Logos - Batch #2 coming soon!

    ***Batch #2 coming January 2022! *** Items for sale: I'm offering two sizes for the TEST logos. A small that is 9"x13.5" and a large that is 12"x18". They're each made of layered 1/16th inch mild steel. They will come fully powder coated and assembled, as shown in the pictures. They have...
  9. Doc Flanigan

    I made a TEST logo out of metal

    I plan to hang this in my computer room, with some yellow LEDs behind it. It is 18”x11” and weighs about 5lbs. Check the #nerd-stuff channel on Discord for the build log, from today, if you’re interested.
  10. Doc Flanigan

    What's up Doc?

    I'm Doc_Flanigan. I've been lurking on the forums and discord for a while. During SOL Citizen's event, HYPE Digi-Bar Citizen, I got a chance to hang with some TEST-ies on Zoom and had a lot of fun. I decided to make it official by submitting an ORG application on the website. Today, I joined...
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