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  1. Raven_King


    Welcome to the game, and to Test Squadron! 🍻
  2. Raven_King

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Great news - I'm late to this, but hope you continue to feel better, and thanks for being so responsible about it. Leading by example. 🍻
  3. Raven_King

    Well hello there

    Welcome to Test Squadron, ItMadCheshire! 🍻 Well worth being a member for the news and chat, even if you still end up playing solo most of the time.
  4. Raven_King


    Welcome to your Test Squadron, PanicSpray! 🍻 Just out of curiosity, is that in the sense of poor trigger discipline, startled skunk or both at the same time?
  5. Raven_King

    Do you Troll?

    Which people are telling whose kids that? Do you have a source or reference? First I've heard of it, but happy to be proved wrong, or was that just polemic?
  6. Raven_King

    cant wait to mess up the verse with everyone

    Welcome to TEST Squadron, daddycitizen! 🍻
  7. Raven_King

    Can we start a Global Warming thread?

    Thank you Glorious Leader. [Edit: also thank you @NaffNaffBobFace.] This seemed a bit too correlated with
  8. Raven_King

    What's better?

    Speaking of legitimate questions, has anyone thought of hull-stripping and salvaging an intact or wrecked ship you or a willing friend owns (with LTI) for profit in-game, and claiming the ship back? I guess the game may need some crimestat or cost disincentive to prevent doing this from being...
  9. Raven_King

    What's better?

    And if no Kingships oblige, jousting two explosive-laden Hull Es can be a thing.
  10. Raven_King

    mARRk it on the calendARR

    Want! Can we steal it, rather than buy it?
  11. Raven_King

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    How have I not come across Idiots in Spaceships ( before? Cinematic Blackout : starcitizen ( Doink : idiotsinspaceships (
  12. Raven_King

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to Test Squadron, Sadebreth, glad to have you here, and so sorry to hear that. Have fun accidentally blowing stuff up with style! 🍻
  13. Raven_King

    Mustafa Moofisto Mephisto?! - Maybe Gamblepheonix. I forgot which one is the handle on RSI.

    Welcome to Test Squadron, Moufisto! Yes, thank you for making my shameful pledging on this game seem measured and and reasonable! @NaffNaffBobFace made me snort my coffee.
  14. Raven_King

    Hi, I'm Ruminator

    Welcome to Test, Ruminator. 🍻 If you don't get anyone who knows more about Discord than me (so most people!), try starting a thread in General to ask, and someone will help you. Montoya recently posted this, which might be relevant. Discord seems to be working fine otherwise, so it should be...
  15. Raven_King

    Finally Made it to Space

    A warm welcome to Test Squadron! But not 41°C - that is too hot. Glad you took the plunge! 🍻
  16. Raven_King

    Foundation Fest Free Fly and Roadmap Update

    Nice video - thanks!
  17. Raven_King

    Hello All excited to be here!!

    Hey, welcome to Test Squadron, ddemers! 🍻
  18. Raven_King

    Looking forward to posting up to the wood and having a few cocktails while telling tall stories of how many Kilrathi i downed.

    Very nice choices. I've never tried a Pappy von Winkle and don't suppose most of us ever will, but I'm very content indeed with a Lagavullin 16 or a drop of Ardbeg Uigeadail at the end of a long week. Welcome to Test! 🥃
  19. Raven_King

    Made an updated Guide for StarCitizen performance - this should help everyone's overall performance, specially on lower end rigs.

    Looks very thorough - thank you. How did you identify all those settings, and choose the values you did? (I appreciate that takes moments to ask and a long time to answer, so no pressure!) Are you a professional in the field - a game developer or something similar, or a dedicated gamer who...
  20. Raven_King


    Welcome back, T3x! Some things have changed since you first backed the game. Enjoy! 🍻
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