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  1. Phantomoftruth

    Sixth anniversary with TEST Squadron.

    the Fuck insanity is this?
  2. Phantomoftruth

    Opinions on custom computer builders

    i've not built a machine in over 10 years and i've been exclusive to laptops for about that long too. I'm looking at a few builders and seeing upwards of $1000USD difference in price I'm looking for a machine built around a Threadripper. anyone use Xidax, ibuypower, origin, cyberpowerpc...
  3. Phantomoftruth

    City of OMGWTFISITREALLYBACKfordfocus111!!

    That's right, City of Heroes/Villains/Rogues is up and running. Step by step tutorial showing you how to download and play City of Heroes. From the City of Heroes Discord. Instructions on how to access their server. "Instructions for how to set up for the TEST(not us) server: 1.) Download...
  4. Phantomoftruth

    I am Severely Disappoint

    Disturbed [CONCERN] What is the point of the Wing Commander F8C if I cannot CCU up from it and WTF happened to the CCU portion of the pledge store crazy overly logical ship listing by manufacturer. I want my MTV!
  5. Phantomoftruth

    In which I should stop...

    Thanks to all the people clearing out my Buybacks, I just made Wing Commander. When it's flight ready, if anyone wants to take an F8C for a ride, hit me up.
  6. Phantomoftruth

    Behring has heard my prayers

    3.7 drop includes a grenade launcher. yes, I just noticed this.
  7. Phantomoftruth

    Hangar Queens and Party Favors, WTS!

    Hi All! Offline until inventory values verified! All items listed below are in in my Hangar's Buy Back Pledges and I'm looking to clear out the clutter. If anything looks interesting, PM me. Any transactions will be processed via Paypal. Paypal fees will be added. Recently Sales Tax has been...
  8. Phantomoftruth

    Aopoa, Xi'an Verticality, and the Nox

    i'm going to start off with something positive. i like the Nox design, smooth, sleek, and "Future". That said, with the Khartu-al and San'tok.yai following a xi'an design language that includes "verticality", the Nox is an outlier. Yes, this has been bothering me. No, it is no deal breaker, I...
  9. Phantomoftruth

    Minnesota Fan Fusion – Aug 3-5, 2018

    Hey Minnesotans! I'm assuming we have a few. If anyone is interested, Minnesota Fan Fusion is looking for Panelists. Might be a great way to expand awareness of Test Squadron, Star Citizen, and Space games in general. For two one hour panel, Fan Fusion offers a weekend pass. If interested...
  10. Phantomoftruth

    is it too early to talk about CITIZENCON 2948???

    because, reasons.
  11. Phantomoftruth

    running SC from External SSD

    Compared to the HHD I had been using, running SC through a USB 3.0 to an external SSD is recrackularly fast. Yeah, I'm running from a laptop. Tomorrow, I test drive adding in OBS and Deepbot to see if I can get SC viable to stream it again.
  12. Phantomoftruth

    Running SC off external SSD across USB3.0

    Hi all, as the title says, I'm asking here if anyone has experience with this or input as to viability.
  13. Phantomoftruth

    Concierge Anniversary Pop-Up Party

    Per the email I just received. CIG is hosting a Party at a location by EACH studio on the 21st. Congrats to all those close enough to make it, I'm kinda jealous. Anniversary Pop-Up Party November 17th, 2017 Dear PhantomofTruth, As an exclusive Concierge VIP Black Card holder, come...
  14. Phantomoftruth

    Intel Architecture, or "Go jump in a Lake"

    While a lovely title that should make the reader believe they are clicking on an article that tries to clear up Generations and the fiddly bits associated with ChipSets, MoBos, and what makes a decent "Now" machine, This is not that article. No, This is the article that asks the Truly Savvy to...
  15. Phantomoftruth

    Nothing to see here, move along.

    Ignore post. requires further review and LOTS of sleep.
  16. Phantomoftruth

    'Verse Pack

    Am I just late to the party in seeing this added to the store?
  17. Phantomoftruth

    next concept teased

    Per Citizens of the Verse, in quantum questions, the dev answered a question about the next concept as, "nah, It's a little buggy right now." Sure, take it with salt. Just don't forget how obNOXious the jokes were. EDIT: fixed quote for exact verbage.
  18. Phantomoftruth

    subscriber TownHall questions

    Hi All! i posted this question for the Character Tech Art town Hall, I'd love to get a boost. "Players love the idea of "flow" in clothes and hair, movement and inertia. What technical limitations have you come across during design in terms of polygon, physics, memory, etc that you've...
  19. Phantomoftruth

    9am to Noon PDT, We're doing it Live!

    In an effort to aid my sanity, I'll be streaming before work. For now, Monday - Friday. Weekends catch as catch can, 'cuz family. FAQ Why the "wierd" hours? Work. Why not quit the job you dislike and stream all the time? I am not suddenly independently wealthy. Three Hours, What kind of...
  20. Phantomoftruth

    Things to do while the RSI wesite is migrated to AWS..

    Rename all your digital children to Sexigesimal Notation Ruminate on all the combat possibilities of a Hull-E day dream about flying in Vanduul space in your brand new Blade Daydream about finding a way into Kr'Thak space only to find they are also human.
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