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  1. BuzZz_Killer

    BuzZz Killer's Recommended Bindings have been Updated for Alpha 3.15

    Sorry I haven't been active in the forums lately. Just wanted you to know that my recommended bindings have been updated for Star Citizen Alpha 3-15 PTU. I currently support the following setups: - Dual Thrustmaster T-16000Ms - Dual Virpil Constellation Alphas, - Virpil Alpha + Mongoose CM3...
  2. BuzZz_Killer

    My Recommended Bindings for the Virpil Constellation Deltas

    I'll keep this thread updated with my latest Dual Virpil Delta bindings. This is a repost, because my original guide for the Deltas seems to have vanished. If I"m breaking the rules for having separate guides for the three different sticks let me know and I'll consolidate all three guides into...
  3. BuzZz_Killer

    My Recommended Bindings for Dual Virpil Alphas

    I'll keep this thread updated with my latest bindings for the Virpil Constellation Alphas. Updated: 9/30/20 for Alpha 3.11 See my Dual Joystick YouTube Series for more info: View: See my Dropbox for the...
  4. BuzZz_Killer

    My Recommended Dual T-16000M Bindings

    I'll keep this thread updated with my latest binding for these sticks. Updated 9/30/2020 for Alpha 3.11 You can download this chart (attached), my exported bindings, and my JoyToKey Profile from DropBox. DropBox Link:
  5. BuzZz_Killer

    Hi Testies!

    My name is BuzZz_Killer, my RSI handle is BuzZz_Killer, My reddit handle is BuzZz_Killer, my Steam name is BuzZz Killer, My YouTube channel is BuzZz Killer.... I think you get the picture. Most people call me BuzZz, or the Dual Joystick guy. Where you from stranger? I'm from the US. As a...
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