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  1. Zookajoe

    Starfield Gameplay deep dive - Montoya Reacts to Starfield Reveal

    Fallout in Space! Not going to get overly excited about it as it is a single player only. That is not to say I won't buy it, probably will...
  2. Zookajoe

    Anvil Terrapin .

    Same for the Drake Herald, actually the Herald is worse. Cannot even do box missions with it.
  3. Zookajoe

    New Concept Sale - Legionnaire

    Your right, it is an absolutely horrible ship, don't buy it. Sheesh.
  4. Zookajoe

    New Concept Sale - Legionnaire

    This is another specialized ship, it is not to be used by itself in operations any more than a Mantis is. This ship is designed to stealthily approach a target ship, and when the rest of the fleet springs the attack, that is when it goes to work. Suddenly a squadron of fighters pop out of...
  5. Zookajoe

    At least 2 new ships at ILW -- Drake MULE, Anvil Legionnaire

    I can't help but wonder, if you can put a 2 SCU on the front and a 1 SCU on the back (they are both the same width, just the length is different). If so, this would be great for bunker missions, just cruise up with one person driving it and the rest of the crew stacking items into it. Might be...
  6. Zookajoe

    Trading Bit of testing on Hydro fuel usage of ships (limited database)

    Thanks! I was looking for something like this and never found it.
  7. Zookajoe

    Trading Bit of testing on Hydro fuel usage of ships (limited database)

    So, I thought I would do a comparison of the limited haulers I have at my disposal as to how much hydrogen fuel they used doing a run from planet to moon and back again (empty). Here are my results: MSR-1646 cred to refuel Raft-1626 cred to refuel Max-176 cred to refuel Hull A-153 cred to...
  8. Zookajoe

    Hull A

    The only ship with larger at the moment is the Raft, at over 27,000 Quantum Fuel
  9. Zookajoe

    Semi-optional social convention

    Welcome to beer! Pull up a Test and have a chair... Or something like that, I dunno.
  10. Zookajoe

    Luminalia box collection loop at the commons - GET RICH!

    I made 139k in about an hour doing this on New Babbage.
  11. Zookajoe

    Best Weapon for Redeemer Turrets?

    Weapons are still normalized I believe for testing purposes, shields not so.
  12. Zookajoe


    Gotta admit a ricochet is kinda cool.
  13. Zookajoe

    Ares can have external size 5 Torpedoes!

    Here are shots from the side and front of the Size 5 launchers, kinda slick looking. Also, you can apparently fire them BOTH at the same time, unlike the Harbringer...
  14. Zookajoe

    Ares can have external size 5 Torpedoes!

    Yup, apparently you can swap out the external missile racks for two MSD-515 missile racks. This gives you two size 5s and twelve size 3 missiles (On the internal racks). Basically a harder hitting Vanguard Harbringer, with less hull, same size shields and twice as many Size 3 missiles. The...
  15. Zookajoe

    Starfarer owners rejoice!

    Starfarer can refine Quantanium. Refine it for other ships to use, though the raw materials have to be brought to it.From Jared!
  16. Zookajoe

    To RAFT or not RAFT?...

    Just noticed something about the RAFT. It has almost 5 times the hydrogen capacity of a MAX, and over 10 times the Quantanium capacity of a MAX. It can go 4.5 billion km in QT before refueling. I think we found its niche. It is a true long hauler, with a range between refueling that puts...
  17. Zookajoe


    Well, you get a Carrack and a Kore as loaner ships, so really not a difference at the moment.
  18. Zookajoe

    To RAFT or not RAFT?...

    I think the fuel usage might be a misalignment, along the line of the MSR when it first came out, it burned through Hydro at an amazing rate also. I surmise it will be fixed soon (tm).
  19. Zookajoe


    As the Odyssey is a mining exploration ship, I feel the Prospector (which can fit in those hanger dimensions) would be a better choice. But, that being said, the DUR does merit some thought.
  20. Zookajoe


    From what I have been able to glean from the Pledge Store and the "Discover the Odyssey".
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