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  1. Doggen

    Alpha 3.17.2 released to Wave 1 PTU

    Ah sweet im in. Hope they also fixed the Inventory bug woheeeee edit: Ah didnt even know this caused it: Dragging and dropping a magazine into the players armor should no longer cause the inventory to infinitely load and stop responding
  2. Doggen

    Help me identify components please

    Inspired by the excellent deskmounting solution in this thread: I thought wat would suit me best. and made a very detailed technical drawing. I have no idea if these components exist or what to use or what they are called...
  3. Doggen

    What would you like to see in Alien week?

    le stinger?
  4. Doggen

    The claw!

  5. Doggen

    The claw!

    I want to springload that arm and punch ships
  6. Doggen

    Vulture at DefenseCon

    Cheers, finally a reason to go to cloud city :)
  7. Doggen

    Invictus / DefenseCon - What did you pick up or change?

    Swapped some stuff out with store credits to get some ghetto LTI but wasnt really excited for this sale. The xwing is nice but useless to me if it cant even hold a box ;)
  8. Doggen

    Introducing Spacebux - A crypto appreciation/rewards token

    I randomly clicked stuff till i got this 0x0f48E80b9f7f2149D891bf46FB30A195a9e842a6
  9. Doggen

    Mesher... What?

  10. Doggen

    Vary unsettling .

  11. Doggen

    Drake does it again…porta-potty for a toilet

    If you EMP a BMM will all the floating beds and crap fall down?
  12. Doggen

    TEST Combat Challenges - 3.15

    You are a machine!
  13. Doggen

    Happy New Year testes!!!

    Happy new year all! xoxo
  14. Doggen

    Post IAE damage assessment survey and survivor trauma recovery peer group

    I have spent 5 dollars! There goes my lunch :(
  15. Doggen

    Beautiful new TEST armor

    Is that that guy from Full Metal Alchemist?
  16. Doggen

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    No queue 5 minutes ago
  17. Doggen

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    It was this weekend and I think it still is?
  18. Doggen

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    I was surprised too! Just running the main quests coupled with the other yellow quests and the daily 3 covenant ones. I use the patented "prone in shallow water -> home" teleport method ;) so that sure saved some time. Running firestaff and ice thing and aoeing entire packs also helped I guess...
  19. Doggen

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    Remade my char in Valhalla, no queues so far! Also level 20 in about 6 hour played I think, goes pretty fast when you dont stop for anyhing! (except Iron cant ignore iron)
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