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  1. Patrick Spaceman

    QUICK! Spend it all!

    As per title....QUICK! spend it all! Just saw this in spectrum:
  2. Patrick Spaceman

    Database Wipe Incoming 3.17.2

    For those who do not frequent Spectrum, the above was just announced.
  3. Patrick Spaceman

    Removed CCU's from Pledge Store

    An eagle-eyed person on spectrum noticed that CIG has removed the CCU's for the Avenger Titan and Stalker as well as the CCU for the Gladius. I jumped on the pledge store and confirmed, that indeed is the case...has this ever happened before in any capacity? Could it be so many people buying...
  4. Patrick Spaceman

    3.17.2 Evocati Leak

    Here's a video for those interested: View: I'm not going to spoil everything, you can watch it if you choose but there is one detail I thought worth mentioning and worthy of opinion and discussion... "Added Marker for Friendly AI that are...
  5. Patrick Spaceman

    Black and Yellow is Best

    It's always good when CIG either releases something already dressed in TEST livery..or at least a skin. The ARGO Raft looks fantastic with a skin (just picked it up). Sure the Taurus carries more but will be interesting how three 32 SCU containers go against manually loading something else (not...
  6. Patrick Spaceman

    Inventory Management

    It's always handy to have supplies aboard what ever ship you fly regularly (if it has storage space), from food and drink to first aid supplies, and spare ammo etc....but a pain in the ass to move..drag & drop, rinse and repeat. Some of you may be already doing this but I thought of the...
  7. Patrick Spaceman


    A minor bug, gave me an NPC crewmember!
  8. Patrick Spaceman

    Never underestimate the power of mixing alcohol and flying an Aurora..

    Found this while checking out some vids, some impressive kills in an Aurora... View:
  9. Patrick Spaceman

    Invictus / DefenseCon - What did you pick up or change?

    Always interesting to see the changes made around events, ships struck off lists and bought, or melted or upgraded. For me: Bought the "SexWing" Fighter (tm) - Scorpius Bought the CX8 Pisces - Underrated shuttle Bought two MULES Bought a MULE CCU now have a Mustang Delta LTI (Replacing ALL...
  10. Patrick Spaceman

    ShinyTracker - What is CIG doing today?

    Courtesy of "ShinyHobo" on Spectrum...this looks interesting: Progress Tracker Delta: Scheduled Deliverables:
  11. Patrick Spaceman

    Plastic silver-ish lining

    After a family death, followed by family member having heart issues then followed by another close family friend's death, then funeral, then same family member who had heart issues back in hospital again...The time had come for the twice a year local council verge pick up, once a year they do...
  12. Patrick Spaceman


    As mentioned elsewhere, my brother-in-law unfortunately died from an aggressive cancer, and his sister and myself pretty much inherited his debt. We're working through his superannuation and various insurances, but as it seems all of his worldly possessions will be sold including a half a dozen...
  13. Patrick Spaceman

    Star Citizen Song Dedication Thread

    Similar to one seen on Spectrum.... TISM - The Men's Room Fucking kids are whingeing (The Backers) They can’t get a job; The photocopy repair man (Guy who installed the office "Space Door" who sued them) Is a smarmy smartarse...
  14. Patrick Spaceman

    Joystick Shopping - False Alert

    I started looking around at different joysticks, ( looking to set up a HOSAS setup). Looking at VKB and Virpil etc...when I stumbled this "thing". I immediately thought I had stumbled upon a glitch in the Matrix, that had somehow placed adult products amongst joysticks..or was it a "joystick"...
  15. Patrick Spaceman

    This Christmas..pick up that phone.

    Take the time to call loved ones, even if they are complete dicks. Christmas is a mixed bag in my house, we remember my brother-in-law who suicided that day years ago. This year no different, except my Mother-in-law had a major heart attack two weeks back, and is in intensive care. She moved to...
  16. Patrick Spaceman

    In Non - Cyberpunk/Star Citizen News...

    Season 5 of "The Expanse" has kicked off on Prime. First 3 episodes!
  17. Patrick Spaceman

    Farewell to the greatest.

    Farewell to the Patron Saint of TEST.. Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager 1923 - 2020 First Test Pilot in history to break the sound barrier in level flight. A long and distinguished military career of over thirty three years including becoming a fighter one day and many world records...
  18. Patrick Spaceman

    Still haven't got best in show skin....but got this instead?

    Hmm what is the deal with this?
  19. Patrick Spaceman

    Changed My Org Status - Don't freak out.

    As the title says.. I'm changed to an affiliate, so I could create a one man band org to control assets. Once I get a second CIG account running with a package, i'll hand over the org to my other self and re-join the collective TEST hive-mind. Had a kick ass org name, so didn't want it taken. I...
  20. Patrick Spaceman

    RIP David Prowse MBE

    Sad news on the passing of our favorite Uncle, David. Thankyou for bringing the intimidating Lord Vader to life on screen.
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