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  1. FZD

    Youtube wdtch functionality and what does it do

    Hey, so I just found out about youtubes "wdtch" functionality, and started looking for some answers. Here's what I've found out so far:
  2. FZD

    Alien week - Yes, there are warbond CCUs

    Just a quick heads up, there's warbond CCUs: Defender (melt $220) for $20 off. Prowler (melt $440) for $30 off BMM (melt $600, up from $550 previously) for $50 off. So like, last chance for $550 basically. That's it. Just a heads up for anyone interested in warbond CCUs. (Don't think we'll...
  3. FZD

    Last call to unmelt your Scorpius CCUs

    Just a reminder that if you got CCUs TO Scorpius in your buybacks you think you might need or are on fence about, now is the time to unmelt them. I've got a fairly decent civilized guess that it will go up $10-20 in two days time, at the start of RSI day when Scorpius becomes available for...
  4. FZD

    Friendly reminder that warbond CCUs are a thing

    TL;DR: It's Valkyrie today. (20th) EDIT: Terrapin today (21st) EDIT2: Vanguard Sentinel (22nd) EDIT3: Retaliator Bomber (23rd) EDIT4: Taurus and Scorpius (24th) EDIT5: 325A (25th) EDIT6: C2 Hercules (26th) EDIT7: Starfarer Gemini (27th) EDIT8: Vulture (28th) EDIT9: Herald (29th) ... Table...
  5. FZD

    Hull A promotional material and cargo box sizes

    With the MISC Hull A promotional material, we once again see a lot of interesting cargo boxes that aren't in the game yet. I used to always think there'd be like 3 different box sizes, and then that'd be that. Like we'd have the "small" 1 SCU boxes, "Medium" that's either 12 or 16 SCUs but we...
  6. FZD

    Starfarer fuel tank capacities are all sorts of messed up

    Posted about this on spectrum as well. Anyhow, so I was checking out the new refueling mechanics, or at least, how big tanks Starfarer has and how they work. (Took me forever to manage to spawn a ship btw.) I really rather like that the panels next to the tanks now work and have a function that...
  7. FZD

    Hull A cargo bumped up to 64 SCU

    As Hull A is nearing completion, we're getting more and more these sneak peeks, this time a Hull A laden with cargo. Now, the original, old figures gave Hull A 48 SCU worth of cargo, but on the video you can clearly see 4* 4*2*2 = 64. Which makes more sense as those folding cargo pads are...
  8. FZD

    Hull A flight-ready price bump betting is [EDIT: CLOSED]!

    Alright guys, the betting is open. We accept an unlimited number of virtual beer emojis in the price pool, so ready your keyboard shortcuts. Will the price of Hull A go up by: 1) $0. 2) $5 3) $10 4) $15 5) $20 6) Over $20 To bet, just state which option you're betting on and spam as many...
  9. FZD

    Radish Space Industries

    I probably find this just way funnier than it is. But apparently Roberts can easily be mistranslated as Radish from Chinese. I move that whenever you got complaints, you use the codename Radish.
  10. FZD

    Just some random cooking

    So I just decided to throw some meat into slow cooker. Not following any recipe or anything, just randomly selected 500g of pork, 2 onions (sliced 3mm), 2 dl citrus juice, some meat stock, cowered in water. I set the timer to 6h on high, I plan to shred the meat at that point, then let it cook...
  11. FZD

    Banu Merchantman layout

    Okey, so today we got this update from CIG: In short, -a walkaround of Odyssey, looks kinda cool but not my cup of dried then boiled leaves. -Some information of BMM and a cool little image dump. -Bunch of RAFTs combining into a giant mecha. Anyhow, so we had this pic there: Okey, so this...
  12. FZD

    Them ships are going through pipes

    So, I remember how a few years ago the haters were making lists of how many ships have been promised and how hardly any of these have been delivered, and then using that as some sort of 'proof' that SC is a scam. Well, lot less of that now. Gee, I wonder why: Lot less ships waiting to get...
  13. FZD

    The best weapon in 1.15.1

    Okey, so with the ballistics getting nerfed to hell, and laser weapons sent right there after them, you might be asking "Well, what weapon should I fill my ship with?" The answer is real simple. Ballistic cannons. A Hornet with all gimballed ballistic cannon setup does 2867 sustained dps for a...
  14. FZD

    Post IAE damage assessment survey and survivor trauma recovery peer group

    So, another sale, and this time a right bombardment of Warbond CCUs. That hurt my wallet, especially the finale encore with all the Warbond CCUs available at the same time. Particularly since Hull C got that price bump just before, and now I simply had to get Hull C -> Reclaimer Warbond CCU. For...
  15. FZD

    The Hull prices went up

    An interesting development, I was rather expecting it to happen, but I wasn't sure if it was just going to be Hull A, Hull A and Hull C, or all of them. I was hoping it was just hull A since I realized (too late as always) That I should've bought two of each CCU for Hull series. Well, one each...
  16. FZD

    Argo MPUV skin when?

    Hey, real quick, when do we have to buy that Argo Cargo to get bling 'n' skin? And when can we melt it? :D On another topic, you get to buy ships till the 1st, right? Just making sure I'm not making mistake when I'm melting and rebuying stuff.
  17. FZD

    5th Anniversary!

    Just few minutes after I'm shitposting about almost reaching concierge, this thing pops up: Lots of things going down today, eh? Lemme real quick spam 101 more messages and I get to celebrate my 1000th post as well! Moving on to the acceptance speech: I would like to thank my family for being...
  18. FZD


    Just saying
  19. FZD


    Seriously, no BMM thread yet? Okey, well, I guess I'll start one. So, short of it: 2800 internal cargo, Markets Hangar Bunch of weapons Point defense More weapons Did I mention weapons?
  20. FZD

    Some absolute madlads flew into the Stanton_(star)

    This is: Brilliant, Bonkers, Bright, Beautiful, Bananas, and other cool words that may or may not start with the letter B and can in some instances be preceded by such words like "absolutely."
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