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  1. Lonewollf

    let's talk about desks

    Greetings and slututations everyone! I'm getting ready to do some springish cleaning and going to be reorganizing my house. The desk that I am currently using is an old office desk that doesn't have much room on it. I'm also forced to sit on the left hand side of the desk and have all...
  2. Lonewollf

    Semi-new streamer

    Hey everybody. I've been at this for a couple months now, back in the saddle as it were...I've taken up streaming again, and just wanted to throw my link out there for your viewing pleasures. is the link. if you don't have much to do, swing on by!
  3. Lonewollf

    Star Citizen 3.8 Thrustmaster Profile???

    Hey all. Wanting to go flying in Star Citizen, but alas, all my previous keybinds don't work properly. Does anybody have a decent mapping profile I might pilfer for my Thrustmaster t.160000 Stick and Throttle? I don't have enough time in my day to map it to the way I want it right now. Thank's...
  4. Lonewollf

    Commander Keen

    So, with the announcement of the new mobile game of Commander Keen during the Bethesdia show at E3, it made me feel a little nostalgic. I just found all the commander keen games for $0.90 on Steam. Just thought I'd share for those who'd like to do a little bit of vintage gaming!..Enjoy!
  5. Lonewollf

    Pax East 2019: Are you going?

    I have officially bought all four tickets for Pax East 2019. I'm starting this threat to see who's planning on going, and to discuss what everybody is looking forward to most, and/or what they would like to see this year. Also, has anybody heard of any talk of a bar-citizen happening at this time?
  6. Lonewollf

    Aurora + Sun + Quantum Travel = a thing

    Made my first trip to lorville on Hurston. Like any tourist, I had to take some pictures.
  7. Lonewollf

    Pax East (April 5-8 2018) Discussion

    Ladies and Gentle-Testies, it's getting close to that time of year again. Pax East 2018, being held April 5th through the 8th, is right around the corner. So long story short, anybody attending this year and has there been any talk of any sort of bar citizen or test meet/greet events going on...
  8. Lonewollf

    GTA:V on PS4

    Been playing some gta5 on the ps4...made this car, and just had to share it. Black and Yellow love.
  9. Lonewollf

    Streamer's question.

    Greetings all. So I have been streaming off and on throughout the past 2 years, when I have the free time. I've been doing everything right from my base computer. Specs are as follows: MoBo: ASUS AMD3+ Sabertooth 990FX CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition 8 Core 4.2GHz Cooler: CoolerMaster V8...
  10. Lonewollf

    Can't remember if I did this or not, so here I go doing this for I think the first time.

    Greetings everybody. I am lonewollf (or lone_wollf as it's spelt on It all started when I was younger...(ok, well not that young, was only like 2 or 3 years ago)....I had heard about this wonderfully epic game called Star Citizen. When I first heard of it, I didn't really fund it...
  11. Lonewollf

    Requesting Help for Bar Citizen in Boston, Massacheucets.

    My fellow Test Members, this is Lonewollf coming to you with some bad news, and hopefully some good to follow as well. I have been in touch with Sandi Gardner from CIG about another event at the Boston Royale Nightclub like they have had for the past two years. To this, the answer from Sandi...
  12. Lonewollf

    Just out of curiosity, but has anybody else seen this???

    I got to browsing the rsi website today and i happened to glance at this....the announcement for 1.3 being on the live servers.....that's all fine and dandy......then I happened to glance at the chat window in the lower right of the screenshot......low and behold it says "Test Squadron".
  13. Lonewollf

    LEGO Hornet: Please support this thread

    Please go, and show your support for this thread:
  14. Lonewollf

    Lone_wollf is on

    Greetings and slututations all. Lone_wollf here, bringing you the word. The word is not Bird, nor is it Toothcock, or anything like that....The word is that I am in fact a streamer on and I would like to invite you all to join me whenever it might be convenient to you. Currently I am...
  15. Lonewollf

    lone_wollf 07 checking in

    Greetings All. Lone_wollf here. Some of you might know me from 's stream. Others may not know me...Either way, this here is my way of saying to you all Hi, I'm new here, and I wanna be your friend **toothy grin**....ok, I'm not as creepy as that sounded...or maybe it...
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