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  1. Sayora

    Hello everyone!

    Hey Welcome to Test!
  2. Sayora

    600i interior remake

    I have had a 600i hanger queen for awhile now, and I am pretty excited about the changes.
  3. Sayora

    Aegiz, pronounced the same as Aegis

    Hey Welcome to Test!
  4. Sayora

    Howdy, Y'all!!

    Well Boom Shakalaka! Welcome to Test
  5. Sayora

    Sort of an Introduction...

    Welcome Back!
  6. Sayora

    Hey Test!

    Hi Welcome to Test!
  7. Sayora


    Hi Welcome to Test!
  8. Sayora

    Post IAE damage assessment survey and survivor trauma recovery peer group

    I ended up CCU'ing a 300i to a RAFT, and CCU'ing my Carrack to and Odyssey (I wanted the bigger flight hanger!) and grabbed an X1 Force for my 400i.
  9. Sayora

    Post IAE damage assessment survey and survivor trauma recovery peer group

    After going overboard my first 2 years of IAE's, this one was very controlled. I moved around a few things but spent less then $100 in fresh cash, so as weird as this sounds I am proud of my self control lol.
  10. Sayora

    Greetings & Salutations

    Yes, when you upgrade you keep all the benefits from the original package
  11. Sayora

    Hey everyone!

    Hi Welcome to Test!
  12. Sayora

    Greetings & Salutations

    Hi Bobby welcome to Test! Crashing is part of the experience and we here at Test squadron hone our crashing skills to a fine edge, you couldn't have picked a better place to learn! Wait.. you mean you want to learn how not to crash? Cutlass Black is your best do just about anything ship so...
  13. Sayora

    Greetings Citizens

    Hi, Welcome to Test!
  14. Sayora

    It's me. Your daddy. Roberto.

    Welcome to Test Lando!!
  15. Sayora

    Argo RAFT first look!

    The RAFT will shine after the cargo refactor, when it starts taking time to load/unload cargo. This will pay for itself with how much faster it will be to get back moving.
  16. Sayora

    IAE Day 6 - Origin ships

    Over the years I have slowly been turned to Origin ships. And now I have one ship from each "series" in my hanger and no ragrets! I use the 400i as my daily runabout and I love flying it. Not for everyone but I love my comforts, and I am not a dog fighter.
  17. Sayora


    Welcome to Test!!
  18. Sayora

    Hello All

    Hi Welcome to Test!
  19. Sayora


    Hello welcome to Test!
  20. Sayora

    G'Day Everyone

    Hey Dan! Welcome to Test!
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