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  1. Gambit


    Joysticks will always be more immersive... well, unless you go for the vibes of star trek where the controls are keyboard only called LCARS (an acronym for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System). Maybe add one stick to resemble that single scene that one just pops up in the middle of the...
  2. Gambit

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    I agree with your points, specially the low cost of New World. I played GW2 since its beta, and while it has been tremendously fun, it just got stale (almost 10 years, after all!). FF14 is quite awesome, but sub based, so not really what I will have up every month. Although ff14 has a crazy good...
  3. Gambit

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    I'll be there for sure. Mainly to test ping and latency when playing on US servers
  4. Gambit

    Railen cargo hauler!

    And thinking like a pirate, the Railen could be the equivalent of a very boring job. Doable? yes, but too much work... I saw some privateering comments on how Carrack and C2 as harder targets, presently, even in default loadout. The Railen being faster (?) and smaller (is it?) makes it less...
  5. Gambit

    Railen cargo hauler!

    Points I'd give as advantages over the Hull B and Taurus: 1. defense 2. handling (inside and out of atmo) 3. tractor beams (!!) 4. cool factor EDIT: that cool elevator! And alien scratchy scratchy time and disadvantages: 1. price (hull B is 90, taurus is 150, railen is 220). 1. Hull B...
  6. Gambit

    Nvidia announces 3080Ti & 3070Ti

    Why would nvidia ever fight the practice of bots and scalpers? Seems to be automatic money for them. At least until you guys here recommend the AMD with better value for similar performance... I'd leave those green bastards with pleasure (but them again, why would AMD fight scalpers and bots?)...
  7. Gambit

    Invictus Launch Week 2951 - Hercules Starlifter Thread

    C2 is pretty great, M2 seems very focused on something I might not use (combat with a trader). But I like the caterpillar so much, just need to hold on this initial stage of "me wants new cool ship". Though that said, the speed, cargo and maneuver capabilities of the C2 are impressive...
  8. Gambit

    Qualifying for Positions

    I formally, informally and happily agree with @Mich Angel and @vahadar. Firstly, regularity is key to anything you wish to be good. I say this being a 36 years old imigrant ex-psychologist acting now as an intern at a new coding career. If you repeat and don't give up, you get better with every...
  9. Gambit

    Mercury Cult - Now on Live! Go Fly!

    He said weeks!
  10. Gambit

    The forthcoming election

    NGO here! 1) Trying to make amends for the damn stupid messer era - without needing to build a super structure that is not going well; 2) Getting tevarins to be more present in game - wild bet here, who knows, maybe playable earlier than later; 3) Terra is WAY better than Earth in my book! I...
  11. Gambit

    Coordinates: How to get to Benny Henge

    The helmets, as of now, haven't been delivered so fa, so it may be just rumor / prank. The link below has Zylo commenting this! View:
  12. Gambit

    Titan Armor Information & Discussion/Theory - Titans Are Coming!

    Planetside 2 offers a LOT of insight for powersuits - from being to OP against infantry to downright fragile against C4 / Vehicles / Anti-armor rounds. The thing is, power armor in SC will be a planned and processed deployment, since you can't just go to a terminal and spawn one... and seeing...
  13. Gambit

    Fixing the Polaris

    You are right. Absolutely right - Unicron can & will be a enemy in this universe as well! Good thing we have torpedoes... and beer! Some of you may not have the age to remember, but robot beer was essential in the battle against the moon bot. Just like we will! Wreck-Gar : Yes friends, act...
  14. Gambit

    Fixing the Polaris

    Words come and go - brochures, commercials, under pressure questions... To be fair, they do fix the obvious stuff (like the mentioned fuel tanks), but tend to leave less practical & immediate stuff aside - for the future. The thing, imo, is that there is always something, some new tech, that...
  15. Gambit

    Nvidia - 3080 What Happened?

    The producing company solution to the capacitors will just be a firmware capping OCs for those units. Bad for consumers? yes. People will continue buying? yesss... I can even imagine the same company selling a better fitted VGA for more money. The best solution for us, as consumers, is just...
  16. Gambit

    Mercury Cult - Now on Live! Go Fly!

    Is there any other medium ship whose turrets can cover 360 on each hemisphere of the ship? If you guys played X-wing Alliance (of course many of you did), putting auto fire on turrets and keeping the target on your "equatorial" line would make both of them fire any time while you made the...
  17. Gambit

    Redeemer sneak peek

    What was a certain choice just got to a upper level of certainty. turrets with S5s is to make even large ships cry loud.
  18. Gambit

    Redeemer sneak peek

    The andromeda have a lot of versatile & forward firepower with those size 4 dudes at a distance. And it can't even get 4 size 5s right now, being limited to only two in the top. But if you get in close range it becomes an commercial for the importance of snow tires - too drifty. Besides that...
  19. Gambit

    The next Hype GIB GIB GIB ship/vehicle/whatever for you after 3.11.x?

    Being a really big fan of the Hammerhead, I am not a fan of the Redeemer design - but I do love those weapons in a medium ship. To be honest, I've become too lazy to use dual sticks (or maybe my sticks are old and crappy), so a ship that is focused on this gimballed / turret plataform is pretty...
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