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  1. NaffNaffBobFace

    Some thoughts on Player Verses Player when it lacks the "Verses"

    Hello TESTies. TL;DR I'm not sure but I think I've observed a complication with multi-disciplinary PvP games which might be giving a misleading impression whenever anyone says "SC is a PvP game" it's more than that and I might have picked up on something which has always been there but I don't...
  2. NaffNaffBobFace

    Ship Showdown 2952!

    Come ye all good TESTies and take a seat by the heat of the smouldering furnace that is the Star Citizen Ship Showdown 2952! The final 16 have been announced and already we have sacrifices for the flames! Last years mighty winner the Argo Cargo has not made the cut! The Caterpillar, winner of...
  3. NaffNaffBobFace

    Not far from $500 million in funding UPDATE - 500 Mil hit

    This is as of today, not far from a big milestone: Invictus bought in $20 million and we've been seeing roughly 5 to 8 million a month in recent times so it's fairly certain we'll see 500 mil soon. That's not to say all this funding came in at once, this is over the duration of the whole...
  4. NaffNaffBobFace

    Small ship naming ceremony for my first nameable ship

    Once upon a time there was a person called NaffNaffBobFace, a whole tonne of Hype and a ship called the Origin 600i. A few days before its reveal he said on these here forums "If it's ugly I'll cry like a child" and when it was revealed, he did indeed think that not because it was, but because...
  5. NaffNaffBobFace

    SC & Eve Charity Live Stream On Now (EDIT - finished)

    Go and donate you GLORIOUS degenerates: Stream: View: Donation page: Cheers chums!
  6. NaffNaffBobFace

    What I assume is the first post from Alien Week, and it's in Xi'an

    Gah, nards, I can't read this! Can the GLORY of TEST come to my aid?!
  7. NaffNaffBobFace

    90k player accounts away from 4 million

    Seems like a lot to wait for until we remember we were talking about 3 million player accounts in Feb 2021. Works out at about 1,827 new accounts a day from Feb 1st to today... I know the free flys will be responsible for a glut of new accounts when they happen which may not all be backing...
  8. NaffNaffBobFace

    NFTs: did I just hear a 'pop' or is this more of a 'blip'?

    Buyer of $2.7 million tweet receives offer of just $6,200 when trying to sell:
  9. NaffNaffBobFace

    New refuel intro page on RSI

    New page on RSI detailing the incoming refuel mechanic:
  10. NaffNaffBobFace

    A nice article about an old mobile game remaster

    Hi TEST, Just read this article and thought it was pretty nice - Hello Games, the makers of No Mans Sky, remastered their first game 'Joe Danger' for a dad who wrote to them about the effect the game becoming depreciated on iOS had on his autistic son...
  11. NaffNaffBobFace

    Free SC flair stuff

    SC is putting out 12 days of free stuff on an advent calendar thing: The first day was an non-novelty Festive Jumper to wear in the 'Verse and day 2 is a Spectrum Badge, apparently all days will remain...
  12. NaffNaffBobFace

    Loremakers Community Questions post on RSI

    Just stumbled upon the Loremakers Community Questions post on RSI which looks to have been uploaded today: One thing in there which really jumped out to be was: I was certain Kaleeth was...
  13. NaffNaffBobFace

    Ubisoft puts it's digits in all the pies

    They are launching NFTs on digital asset sales: Not the first but definately the biggest so far. Beware the floodgates, they are about to be flung wide open.
  14. NaffNaffBobFace

    Grappler Ships

    Ship mounted tractor beams are on the way, and their implementation may, or may not, bring a change to combat. I watched a show in my youth called "Outlaw Star" which had the concept of Grappler Ships. Craft with robotic arms which could seize and attack a target with little the target could do...
  15. NaffNaffBobFace

    Sterling discusses NFTs in Games

    They warn right at the beginning they say the F word a lot even for them, so if you are somewhere that isn't suitable for that wait until you are to watch or put on some headphones, yo. View:
  16. NaffNaffBobFace

    Fencing stolen goods.

    I was reading Reebournes thread on having a second baddie account and it got me thinking about those Looting mechanics again... Preamble: Reebourne was talking about having a second account to be the baddie while having his main remain law abiding, however it got me on a line of thought...
  17. NaffNaffBobFace

    Interesting developments in mining

    Very interesting narrative in the latest Inside SC episode: View: The head of mine play loop building stated about the push toward multi-crew and group play, that with increasing the difficulty for solo players beyond that they could achieve alone...
  18. NaffNaffBobFace

    Dear New Babbage Traffic Control

    TO: New Babbage Traffic Control RE: RE: Last IAE 2950's unfortunate events. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Whom It May Concern, New Babbage Traffic Control. I write to formerly express the disappointment I felt when I saw the announcement...
  19. NaffNaffBobFace

    SC, Looting people but not able to steal from shops? Realistic and a necessity.

    I've been talking about the whole looting thing over on Spectrum (I know), and it has occurred to me... ...If we can loot players wholesale, why are the shops not able to be stolen from? The more I have through about it, the more Shoplifting in SC makes sense - the food, drink and Wowblast...
  20. NaffNaffBobFace

    Don't know how long it'll last...

    ...but we're over 20k! For the GLORY of TEST!
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