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  1. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    When has one even been for all to do.
  2. Grimbli

    Testing Please Ignore

  3. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I just buy the same brand of sock over and over again so they're all the same and matching doesn't matter. Also, I'm alive!
  4. Grimbli

    Cyberpunk 2077 (is here!)

    Too many damned games! I still haven't finished my crpg I got and I've picked up Dishonored 2 again! Now why am I playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3???
  5. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Pfft, get a load of this guy. Doesn't know how to properly wear someone's skin. You don't just drape it over yourself. There's stitching involved. It's an art!
  6. Grimbli

    Second Account for "Bad guy"?

    I was about to mention the agent smithing too. They have restated their intention to do this recently, I believe. So there is hope it'll actually be done.
  7. Grimbli

    Second Account for "Bad guy"?

    Has anyone figured out how to play two instances of SC on the same machine? I've heard some people say to set up a second user and play through them, but that hasn't worked for me. Another I've heard is creating a virtual machine to play off, but I'm not terribly experienced with that. Any ideas?
  8. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Damn I've gotta start painting again. I tried to set myself up for a real long stretch, but I just had stuff going on. Now I'm working 6 days a week, so that's fun. Any of you guys play WH40k on Tabletop Simulator? Really wanting to get some games in.
  9. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I know I for one have never replied to this thread. Especially several dozen times in a row. Would be a crime to post so many times, one after the other. I guess this thread will go down in the history books as the least liked thread in existence.
  10. Grimbli

    Deep space exploration in Vanduul space.

    Well, our ships will be registered with the UEE so I'm guessing there's a signature associated with the ship that may distinguish it from Banu. Not to mention, scanning gives you the names of players currently, but should also eventually include race. Not to mention we don't know the...
  11. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I thought he wanted the girls. Bit young for him, but I don't judge. Although a lot of them are underage, eh? Not sure. Better safe than sorry!
  12. Grimbli

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Glad to see the tradition of kpop shitposting alive and well!
  13. Grimbli

    Cargo and ship protections against 30k

    Vehicles and other ships may fall under the "items" saved in the ship. Like how logging out or storing the ship keeps them inside. Would be nice for some clarification though.
  14. Grimbli


    I have the old $0 CCU from a Vanguard Warden! Getting ready to apply it.
  15. Grimbli


    They did an update? Holy crap! What video is it in? Someone link it cause I'm too lazy!
  16. Grimbli

    Concierge improvements imminent

    But it's fake internet money, right? ...right?
  17. Grimbli

    RiceMaiden's Hangar of Ship Models

    These are awesome! How have I just noticed this thread? But for real a Perseus would be amazing.
  18. Grimbli

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    The month after I cancel they actually get some decent shirts. Guess I'll sub for one more month. I love the banu take on human stuffs, reminds me of horribly done Chinese sayings in english.
  19. Grimbli

    Grimbli's Reclamation Yard

    Hope you enjoy! I had forgotten about this thread.
  20. Grimbli

    Ship Weapon choices in the Era of capacitors (patch 3.14 and beyond)

    I think this will change over time when we get more physicallized things that allow us to carry crates of ammo in our cargo hold or have support ships to rearm closer to the fight. Unless you're talking about going solo into deep space, but fighters probably shouldn't do that in the future. Of...
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