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  1. Sraika

    Sea of Thieves - an adventure

    Alright, so: I've been rather enjoying this game (sea of thieves, in case you didnt read the title :p) , and I'd like to get some people together to play it with. Thus, this thread; its main purposes are: A -> Figure out who is interested in playing B -> Figure out when everyone is...
  2. Sraika

    Mount & Blade 2: Early Access Announced

    So, we finally have a timeline! March 2020 I, for one, cannot wait.
  3. Sraika

    Insurgency is (no longer) free on steam Insurgency is a pretty decent modern military shooter (one of the best i've played). It's free for the next ~40 ish hours, if you want to pick it up...
  4. Sraika

    Patch notes for 3.2.1 Yeah, so 3.2.1 came out. Here's the notes. ^^ My favourite part: "Removed watermelons from Echo 11 due their destruction causing a client crash." That must've been a fun bug to find lol
  5. Sraika

    New Concept Ship Tease: Origin 100 Series

    From the Star Citizen twitter: I dunno about you guys, but that looks like a carrack to me, eh? And according to their weekly schedule: "The week will be wrapped up on Friday, with Content Manager Jared Huckaby hosting another...
  6. Sraika

    New patch - 3.0.1

    A new patch has just gone live, patch 3.0.1 Here's the patch notes: The things i'm most excited for are reputation persisting in between sessions, and, perhaps more importantly: Finally, eh? :)
  7. Sraika

    New Civilization VI Expansion

    There's a new Civ VI expansion coming up, do any of you guys play it? It sounds pretty awesome, from the description.
  8. Sraika

    Expanding alpha 3.0 PTU testing

    It's been half an hour, and no-ones made a thread about this yet, so here I go: 3.0 is in PTU now, basically. Happy (American) Thanksgiving! :slight_smile: Edit: @Montoya made...
  9. Sraika

    Day of Infamy

    Anyone playing Day of Infamy or Insurgency? DoI is the game I spend the majority of my time on right now. If any of you want to play a few rounds, I'm always up for it.
  10. Sraika

    Should I get a Constellation?

    My aurora makes me claustrophobic, and I have some money to burn. (Well, not really, I'm just a horrible impulse buyer :expressionless:) I'm leaning towards the Aquila, or getting a secondhand Phoenix from somewhere. As I am a complete noob, I have no idea whether or not this is a good idea. Are...
  11. Sraika

    Hello Everyone.

    Hey. So yesterday, having just bought the game, and while waiting for it to install, I was sent an invite to this group. It was convincing enough that I've joined, so here I am. You guys have any advice for a new player?
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