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  1. Blind Owl

    F*ck Cancer. A tribute to those we've lost.

    Today @CrudeSasquatch and I, along with the rest of our family, said goodbye to our mom. After close to a year-and-a-half battle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Mom finally passed this morning. She was 75. Thanks for being the best Mom a gaggle of boys could ever ask for. You were kind...
  2. Blind Owl

    SQ42 upgrade available?

    Hey TESTies, Is there a SQ 42 add-on available to buy? Aside from the 45 dollar standalone? I've got an alt account with a game package, and I'm looking to add SQ 42. I recall you used to be able to add it when you bought a game package, but I never saw that addition. Nor am I having luck...
  3. Blind Owl

    WTB Drake Loot and Scoot package and P72 Emerald

    Hello My TESTies, Does anyone have an old Drake Loot and Scoot Package kicking around? It was a 155 dollar Concierge package with a Dragonfly. I'm looking to hook up a buddy from outside the org. Edit: also looking for an original Vulture Found the Vulture! Thanks @Ayeteeone. Edit 2: Looking...
  4. Blind Owl

    Warbond CCU Question

    Hey my TESTies, Is there a way of telling which of my Warbond CCUs in buybacks offer LTI and which offer 10 year insurance, etc? Understanding of course that there is no longer a monetary benefit to them in buybacks, but they still offer upgraded insurance, ergo are worth listing in my about to...
  5. Blind Owl

    WTB Razor EX CCU - from Mantis or Max

    My TESTies, I'm looking for a CCU from the Mantis or Freelancer MAX to the Razor EX. It's a gift for a friend, so if any of y'all have one, lemme know, I'll purchase it from ya, and have you sent it to him. Cheers, Owl
  6. Blind Owl

    🍁🇺🇸 Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!

    Hello My Fellow TESTies! I'd like to wish a very happy Canada Day to all my maple syrup blooded fellow Canucks in the Org, and a Happy Freedom Day to all my Red, White and Blue blooded brothers and sisters south of the border. Have an amazing long weekend all! Cheers! Owl
  7. Blind Owl

    WTB Ares Inferno Warbond CCU

    Hey my TESTies, I'm looking to get a friend into an Ares Inferno. Does anyone still have an Ares Inferno warbond CCU available? We're looking to upgrade from a Freelancer MIS, so the CCU can be from anything in between those two. I'm also willing to build from scratch if anyone has a viable...
  8. Blind Owl

    How to setup a YouTube Channel.

    Hello TESTies, Baby Owl, who's now pushing 7, has expressed interest (read: he's fucking stoked) in starting a YouTube channel for all his Minecraft stuff. I'm looking for help here. I need to know what to get him to start this. What technology(cams, mics, etc)? Can I set it up so it's safe...
  9. Blind Owl

    Found this gem on Facebook

    Found this on the Star Citizen Facebook page! We're famous. Althought they don't know how to spell "Squardon". Ugh.
  10. Blind Owl

    🎄Merry Christmas (TESTivus)🎄

    Well TESTies, another revolution around the sun is almost done. Antler year of shenanigans, beerz crashes, and shit posting. More ships, more features and more community. I dare say it's been a blast. Y'all are the best damn people in the world. I'd like to take this time to say Merry...
  11. Blind Owl

    Tribute Giveaway Honouring a Lost Citizen.

    Hey TESTies, Noobifier1337 is hosting a massive giveaway as tribute to a fellow Citizen who passed away. Details in the following video. Let's do the family a solid and show how amazing this community is. Cheers, love y'all, Owl
  12. Blind Owl

    How do I add an image to my Signature Block?

    As the title says, I have no idea how to do this. When I edit my Signature, it askes for a link rather then an image off my computer. This confuses Owl. Owl is visibly confused.
  13. Blind Owl

    6% Club! What have we done?

    Well my TESTies, here it is. As I am sitting here, getting drunk, buying warbond CCUs with no plan whatsoever for using them, this bloody notification pops up on TEST; because I apparently always have the TEST forums open. Anyways, a quick refresh shows me no new posts, so I break down and click...
  14. Blind Owl

    TEST Redeemer Paint! Corporate Efficiency Confirmed!

    As the title states, check out the Underworld skin for the Redeemer! Cheers, Owl Edit: also, 75 dollar increase. 325 Standard, 275 Warbond.
  15. Blind Owl


    As stated, looking to see if anyone has BMM CCUs, and what the cost is. Lemme know! Cheers, Owl
  16. Blind Owl

    SPAIs. Star Citizen RP1 Facebook Convo.

    So I'm part of the Star Citizen RP1 Facebook group. Ran across a post today about orgs. Starting reading band came across this gem: Being as truth does need to be spoken, I decided to respond, albeit politely. I am, after all, a Canadian. So here you have it. We have SPAIs. Ermagerd! Who...
  17. Blind Owl

    Digital Art / Painting programs

    Hello my fellow TESTies, I have just begun my foray into digital art, after a small hiatus (1999). I have got myself a pen tablet, and some tutorials for getting started. What I need is to find a program to learn on and continue to use. I don;t want to learn program A, then jump to B, then on...
  18. Blind Owl

    Sell me all the shit!

    Hey my TESTicles, I have a couple problems . . . 1. I'm part of TEST 2. I want to spend ship funds So yeah, I want a Defender to MSR CCU - but I want the 5 dollar one. I would also like a . . .fuck, I'm drunk. There was something else, but I can't remember. Whatever. These things . . ...
  19. Blind Owl

    Scotch TEST Dummies?!

    Alright my TESTies, I dunno if these lads are any of ours, but if they aren't, they need to be! Also, where are the Scotch people here? I'm currently developing my Scotch taste. Let's chat.
  20. Blind Owl

    Fighters and (New) Flight Model?

    TESTies, How have fighters aged with the new(ish) flight model? When last I played, you flew a Sabre/SH or nothing. Are all options viable now? Thinking of trying out this Xenothreat, and honestly, I have no idea where to start with ship selection, as I've touched none for any substantial time...
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