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  1. Ammorn

    Obligatory intro

    Welcome to Test Squardon!
  2. Ammorn

    The Fall of Babylon 6: A Tale of Disaster and Mismanagement

    I didn't forget it, it's implied. Everywhere a Testie lands there's empty kegs, bottles and cans, cratered landing pads and aurora wreckage.
  3. Ammorn

    The Fall of Babylon 6: A Tale of Disaster and Mismanagement

    Make Babylon 7. A neutral sanctuary station organization with blackjack and hookers, and no corruption, judgement, or bullying. All should only act in a positive manner, and any negative, hostile, or discriminatory actions are grounds for expulsion.
  4. Ammorn

    I have no words

    Yeah, that's what I thought or hoped at least. Sarcasm doesn't always translate well through text though with no tone of speech. Just wanted to stir the pot with how the reboot went.
  5. Ammorn

    I have no words

    Are they getting the same actresses from the last movie? The IMDB article doesn't say.
  6. Ammorn

    Master Yoji crashing in

    Welcome to Test Squardon!
  7. Ammorn

    The Mandalorian

    I read to Blue M- - - and saw it as Blue Milk- - -
  8. Ammorn

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

  9. Ammorn

    World War Z

    They've built digital distribution platforms (stores) to organize, manage, and sell their games. So many have popped up that someone should make a digital distribution management platform to organize and manage digital distribution platforms and allow you to pool all the stores, features, and...
  10. Ammorn

    The Mandalorian

  11. Ammorn

    CustyNegloid Enters the Fray

    Welcome to Test Squardon!
  12. Ammorn

    I find the lack of memes disturbing

    We could nominate it for Test book club.
  13. Ammorn

    TEST Beer mugs, shot glasses, patches and vinyl decals!

    Could you engrave a big mug that has has some flat long vertical faces on the sides around a polyhedral base?
  14. Ammorn

    Hello, I Have Joined Your Ranks

    Welcome to Test Squardon!
  15. Ammorn

    Greetings, Corb signing in!

    Welcome to Test Squardon!
  16. Ammorn

    Dango Jangmo

    Welcome to Test Squardon!
  17. Ammorn

    Medical Logo and stuff

    The Test Medical Logo should be a Snake coiled around a 24 Oz tall beer can instead of a staff.
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