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  1. MonsterNeal

    Can't wait for 3.5! Arccorp and the new flight model!

    I am looking forward to it as well
  2. MonsterNeal

    The Hawk is awesome!

    I have been wondering if this will be my new light fighter. I need to figure out the weapons on it.
  3. MonsterNeal

    Fallout 76 is fun!

    Think I am going to bring the heavy guns tonight
  4. MonsterNeal

    Anvil Carrack - Reverse the Verse - The Shape of Ships (Dec-2018)

    did they mention any changes to how much it can haul? on the website they were going for 1000 scu. I mean even with the ship not being as long as we thought it was going to be they did increase its with. So instead of talking about its size i am nor curious what does it have on it. the 890 jump...
  5. MonsterNeal

    Anthem closed alpha test Dec 8th

    did you have to pre order the game to get in ?
  6. MonsterNeal

    Highlander Fleet time

    I would keep my Polaris with to only find someone who will pay me to scuttle it then using the money to hopefully be able to buy a hauler and cargo for it to start making money to later recover my LTI Polaris
  7. MonsterNeal

    Looking for CCU for a Mercury

    I did not end up picking one up. I grabbed a freelancer max instead. Just like most I did end up melting just about everything to work on a better fleet roster. unfortunately I was only left with 40 dollars left after grabbing what I needed/wanted. With current finance spot I am in it would not...
  8. MonsterNeal

    WTB Prospector LTI

    I need to set up alerts. Thank you for al the help. I did end up getting a prospector with LTI
  9. MonsterNeal

    Looking for CCU for a Mercury

    I want to get a CCU for a Mercury to hold onto. what do you guys got
  10. MonsterNeal

    Pics and Vids from Aug 4th in game event

    Once I end stream you can find the Video here where you can see us loading up into the caterpillar with our bikes First Clip Second Clip
  11. MonsterNeal

    WTB Prospector LTI

    WTB a Prospector with LTI
  12. MonsterNeal


    i will take a Razor EX LTI
  13. MonsterNeal

    Buybacks available :)

    Banu Merchantman - LTI upgraded from a concept ships -250$ 600i Explorer from Merchantman - 85$ Prospector from Freelancer DUR - 30$ Nox - LTI - 40$ black Nox - LTI - 40$ black
  14. MonsterNeal

    504 bad gateway

    i am on star citizen everyday and felt kinda lost when it came to my free time when i couldnt play. I have a problem 0_o I will need a good job before this game launches so I can play it when and how I want to lol
  15. MonsterNeal

    Buybacks available :)

    Cutlass Blue from Freelancer Max - 10$ please
  16. MonsterNeal

    Buybacks available :)

    I would like to buy a Nox please
  17. MonsterNeal

    Anyone play SWG?

    I am a officer in RAGE on the swg legends server. by far the best server to play on in my opinion. they are developing new content including an new planet and ect... they run it like a published game. There is more going on then toward the end of the games life. I am not active right now and...
  18. MonsterNeal

    Hi all Storkraft here

    Hello and welcome to test. Off and on throughout the day and evenings we have pilots flying in squadron 1 in the Test discord. You are more then welcome to come fly with us.
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