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  1. wmk

    VKB & Virpil Black Friday 2022

    VKB Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale goes live on Nov 25, through Nov 28, 2022, with 10% off of all products, storewide -- VIRPIL Controls Black Friday Sale Week will be active from 21st November...
  2. wmk

    Drake Corsair, Alpha 3.17.4

    Alpha 3.17.4c has been released to PTU for all backers. C for Corsair 🍻 Patch Notes: ------------
  3. wmk

    Did You Know...? George Hull: Aegis Reclaimer Concept Designer

    Did you know that George Hull, Aegis Reclaimer concept designer, has been working as one of Hollywood's leading conceptual designers on many famous movies? Shortly after being hired by prestigious Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic, George was working on award-winner Forrest Gump. He was...
  4. wmk

    Jumptown and Nine Tails Lockdown | Oct 25 - Nov 2

    Event Schedule Jumptown 2.0 Each Jumptown time listed represents a location rotation, and each location will be open for 24 hours. Tuesday, October 25 at 10am Pacific / 5pm UTC Thursday, October 27 at 10am Pacific / 5pm UTC Saturday, October 29 at 10am Pacific / 5pm UTC Monday, October 31 at...
  5. wmk

    Pop Quiz (Sep 23)

    Pop Quiz! Where am I...?
  6. wmk

    Artemis I Launch, Aug 29

    NASA is going to launch Artemis 1 mission at 8:33 AM EDT / 1233 GMT on August 29 from Kennedy Space Center, using Space Launch System (SLS) rocket to send an uncrewed Orion capsule on a 42-day journey to lunar orbit and back. Watch the launch on the official NASA Broadcast at -- View...
  7. wmk

    Alpha 3.17.2 released to Wave 1 PTU
  8. wmk

    Road to Pyro

    Now that Invictus Launch Week 2952 is over, let's focus on the near future. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2, scheduled to be released by the end of June...
  9. wmk

    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday June 4, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    When: Saturday June 4, 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 22:00 UTC (Saturday) / 00:00 CET (Sunday) Where: Stanton System -> Microtech What: Yellow Jackets / TSMC exercises Exercise goals: Learn how to operate Tonk solo (drive, select targets and fire main cannon from the remote turret at the same time...
  10. wmk

    🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday May 14, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST

    When: Saturday May 14, 22:00 UTC / 00:00 CET / 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST Where: Stanton System -> Microtech What: Yellow Jackets / TSMC exercises Exercise goals: Learn how to operate Tonk solo (drive, select targets and fire main cannon from the remote turret at the same time; there are many hills...
  11. wmk

    Low-cost head tracking for Star Citizen | FoIP with Web Cam

    I've been always using freelook to look around the ship while seated in the cockpit, as well as in 3rd person view, to look for the landing spots, track other spacecraft, etc. It worked fine but it required me to temporarily release all controls bound to the device used to move freelook camera...
  12. wmk

    Warden turning into Sentinel

    I took a short break from the Real World yesterday and I upgraded my Warden to Sentinel 🎉 I've been getting my Warden's butt kicked by pirate Sentinels so many times in PVP that I decided to check why they're able to outmaneuver me in most of the cases, and why my shields are dropping so fast...
  13. wmk

    Jump Town 2.0 is back... again -- Feb 19 - Mar 6

    Inspired by historic, player-driven events on the icy moon of Yela, Jumptown 2.0 dynamic event is live again. Schedule: February 19 - 05:00 UTC (Duration: 16hr) February 19 - 21:00 UTC (Duration: 16hr) February 20 - 13:00 UTC (Duration: 16hr) February 22 - 00:00 UTC (Duration: 24hr) February...
  14. wmk

    XenoThreat - 3.16.1 Edition

    Join the dynamic XenoThreat event now! Phase 2 began on February 3 ----------------------------------------------- Go to TEST Squadron Discord server and join the event voice chat on the left: ...or join the XenoThreat voice chat directly...
  15. wmk

    Jump Town 2.0, January 14-17 (extended)

    The last Jump Town 2.0 session has been extended to 74 hours. TEST has been invincible so far! TEST JT Event Command Center bridge:
  16. wmk

    Star Citizen 2022. High hopes, low expectations.

    The year 2021 has passed. We are now three and a half versions closer to the game release. I decided to deal with disappointment * by looking at the project plan and creating my personal wish list. Please note that at this time CIG Progress Tracker doesn't show anything beyond September 2022; it...
  17. wmk

    VKB Black Friday Sale

    VKB Black Friday begins on Thursday night and ends on Monday. The Magic Word (BLACKFRIDAY21) works in all dealerships, incl. US and European web stores. It's a pity that's it's only 5% -- it was 10% last year.
  18. wmk

    Beautiful new TEST armor

    Pembroke RSI Sunburst suit with huge backpack! Heavy armor, 40% damage protection, temperature rating -75 / 225 °C. Available in subscriber's store, coming in SC Alpha 3.15. Designed to extend the limits of Human endurance, the Pembroke can withstand the extreme heat of inhospitable...
  19. wmk

    Complete Star Citizen Medical Gameplay Guide 3.15

    __________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents First Aid Rules Body Dragging Healing Pens Healing Device Healing Gun Basic Mode Healing Gun Advanced mode Medicinal Drugs Injury severities and effects Medical beds Med Bed – Patient Care Status / Treatment /...
  20. wmk

    VKB Gladiator NXT programmed LEDs - Stick Axes & Buttons

    I finally managed to program my Gladiator NXT LEDs. VKBDevCfg tool sucks; I had to do it using trial and error method ; ) Axis Y (throttle in my case) -- Main RGB LED starts flashing green when axis in use (not centered) Axis Z (strafe left / right in my case) -- Main RGB LED flashing red...
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