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  1. BarthSarafin

    Hello All

    Welcome Paraigon! Enjoy the awesomeness!
  2. BarthSarafin

    greetings ihrse......

    Welcome to TEST!
  3. BarthSarafin


    Welcome to TEST, fellow soldier.
  4. BarthSarafin

    Star Runner mystery skin revealed!

    Glorious leader. Thank you for this piece of sweet jnfo! And I too love the skin. More so than the duck one.
  5. BarthSarafin

    [video] Cyberpunk 2077 first look!

    Thanks oh great leader!
  6. BarthSarafin


    Break. Break. Break!
  7. BarthSarafin


    Welcome to TEST, west..
  8. BarthSarafin

    can i have full perms?

  9. BarthSarafin

    Fleet SOLD

    I am glad to hear that, mate!
  10. BarthSarafin

    Owl's New RSI Name

    Aight! Cheers to that!
  11. BarthSarafin

    Owl's New RSI Name

    He aint leavin shit!
  12. BarthSarafin

    This color scheme needs to happen! (Mercury)

    Yey. Would totally buy!
  13. BarthSarafin

    Is there where I go to drink the Koolaid?

    Welcome to TEST. mate
  14. BarthSarafin

    Fleet SOLD

    Mate. You can fly any of my ships, whenever you want, need or just have an urge to look at *sad*
  15. BarthSarafin


    Cheers and welcome to TEST
  16. BarthSarafin

    Buccaneer vs Super Hornet...which should I keep?

    This. And for me the SH. It jist feels much more powerful, and it is personap preference true.
  17. BarthSarafin


    True true. What they said! Welcome!
  18. BarthSarafin

    Tim Checking In

    Welcome ter TEST lad. Drunk up now will ye?
  19. BarthSarafin

    SUGGESTION - If you find a profitable trade run inform fellow TESTies

    This, good Sir, is getting a problem, out of hand, right now. I had the same thing happen to me. Stood at a bloody planetary outpost, not even in the ship. Some punk tblows my cat...
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