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  1. Aunfox

    The "Im not spending any more money!" thread

    "That's a negative Ghostrider the pattern is full" I don't need another GreyCat buggy or a replacement for some Cyclones. I don't want a trendy Freelancer replacement. I already have a Freelancer for that. Gonna need those new gameplay loops soon CIG. Where are my motorcycles? Did they forget?
  2. Aunfox

    The "Im not spending any more money!" thread

    I think two extra groups are needed: SC Bets - what will come out win, Grand Prize Pot goes to the Release date of SC or SQ42. SC Anonymous - for recovering SC addicts who want to stop spending their money and avoid relapses. (great place to share stories over coffee too!)
  3. Aunfox

    Made an updated Guide for StarCitizen performance - this should help everyone's overall performance, specially on lower end rigs.

    Tried out all settings outside of Nvidia settings. it was an excellent improvement in performance! Thank you @VelvetDiamond !
  4. Aunfox

    State Of The Squadron 49

    I want to join a Squadron!!!
  5. Aunfox

    Livery Update - HAMMERHEAD 2949 BEST IN SHOW

    If you would, please upvote for reproduction if you can? Thank you! :)
  6. Aunfox

    Livery Update - HAMMERHEAD 2949 BEST IN SHOW

    And that variant does not look as advertised. I have it and it changed many patches ago.
  7. Aunfox

    Livery Update - HAMMERHEAD 2949 BEST IN SHOW

    I miss this livery, so I posted a bug on it.
  8. Aunfox

    LTI discounted Ships, upgrades and items - vahadar's at cost emporium for TESTies

    Was a smooth and I got the goods. 100% recommend if you are considering purchasing!
  9. Aunfox

    MISC Expanse

    I like this idea, want it in game,but am very curious about transfers. Like do Miners pay you to transfer and refine the Quantum, do you pay them when you send it back? It seems great,but a potential issue depending on how long it takes to make these transactions.
  10. Aunfox

    New refuel intro page on RSI

    One thing I want to know is did they create a fuel port on every ship model? I am curious where a Khartu Al gets a fuel probe. Ships like the Vanduul and Misc Tanas are going to be real interesting.
  11. Aunfox

    Vary unsettling .

    We don't go to Orison anymore.
  12. Aunfox

    Official Jumptown 2.0 stats in graphic form

    I'm proud of our performance. I just want to know how many war crimes do we need to take that top spot? Test is the Best. I'm willing to add a few more Auroras to the proverbial fire.
  13. Aunfox

    Original LTI Ships and Ground Vehicles for TESTies

    Could be the anchor settlement for Testie city. A dusty town on Damar, close enough to Bountiful Harvest for some beer runs.
  14. Aunfox

    Wth did I just watch?

    Is this how Test Squadron tests all weapons systems now? I feel compelled to test all small arms in this matter in-game. This is the only way to verify wear and tear is operational. Thank you for sharing this!
  15. Aunfox


  16. Aunfox

    Happy Birthday Glorious Leader

    Indeed, Happy Birthday! May you see many new ships in your hangar!
  17. Aunfox

    TEST Skin for your Mercury Star Runner !!!!!11111!!!!!

    Everything Yellow and Black are belong to us! I am pleased with the MSR skin.
  18. Aunfox

    Farnham's Legacy X3 Albion Prelude DLC only 10 years late but Free!

    I own so much X3, but never got into it like I did Freelancer and Privateer. If someone was going to try and re-enter the series where would you recommend starting?
  19. Aunfox

    Sneak peek Redeemer engines

    I do like the Erinyes from Freespace 2. However, it was not my favorite design. That belongs to the Hercules and Herc 2. I'd love to wreck a Redeemer with a Connie. I want to see some fights with something that isn't a Hammerhead be a challenge. The Valkyrie is not doing it for me.
  20. Aunfox

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    I suspect many novel names have not been snapped up yet, after the initial frenzy, there are many names available. Since not even all ship types are eligible for naming, you will still have ample opportunities to claim your favorites. I need a name for my Aurora. It's seen so much.
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