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  1. Vikk

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    YES!!... Because more mass = more kinetic energy = more BOOM!!! This is the way.
  2. Vikk

    Greetings & Salutations

    Careful in there... Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
  3. Vikk

    TEST Squadron Thanksgiving Parade

    My wife stopped asking years ago.
  4. Vikk

    IAE Drake Day!

    Great video. And I have to agree with your thoughts on the Corsair. That will likely be my every day ship.
  5. Vikk

    Argo RAFT first look!

    Great video, the living section's layout really appeals to me. I think they nailed it.
  6. Vikk

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    Everyone has fine points on the fighter. In the end I can always pick one up as a stand alone. (I still think it would be an LTI waste though.) But as I just watched @Montoya 's IAE Drake video I have to agree with him completely about the Corsair. I don't see why I'd have to even step foot...
  7. Vikk

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    I really like the perceived possibilities with a ship like the Medivac. I'll start by assuming players are able to respawn in it. Now we're assaulting a a key location, trying to hold a point (Something like Battlefield game play) and take over a strategic resource or something. It's become...
  8. Vikk

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    Easy!.... I lied on my application!!!
  9. Vikk

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    @Dirtbag_Leader @FZD Ahh good points about fighters. I should have included my reasoning in my initial post. Ok so here's my feeling on that. My current package has LTI on it for 6 ships. (Kracken is standalone) It started several years ago as the "Explorer Package Something" and has since...
  10. Vikk

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    So I think this is where I want to be. After 10 years of melting and upgrading (and battering my wallet) I think I have all the gameplay loops that I'm interested in covered. I also managed to paint LTI on all of them. I'm sure there are more ships to come, but I'm thinking I'm done. Now I...
  11. Vikk


    "TEST SQUARD'ER'EN!! BEST.... BE... Beh..." *slurping gulps grande margarita* "Tezt! ess Bezt! Shard'er-enz!" *face plants in sizzling fajitas*
  12. Vikk

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Not to "fear-monger" but I agree. It also doesn't hurt for everyone to take a few steps to prepare for any disaster. I remember living in Georgia around 8 years ago when an Ice storm hit. No one was prepared for the 4 days without power. Some were without power for more than 2 weeks. We...
  13. Vikk

    Video - Pocket Carrier from Anvil: The Liberator

    I like it and would have snagged one. But, I got suckered into a Kraken last go around. You could almost get 3 Libs for the price of 1 Kraken. And still require less crew and carry more ships/tanks. Did they say if the Lib will be able to repair/rearm?
  14. Vikk


  15. Vikk

    Four unannounced ships coming

    I agree completely, but how else will they break $400!!!! Really, I just wished they would meet their timeline more often. I understand they are doing "new" things and speed bumps happen. But after the first few years you would have thought they would get their deadlines narrowed a bit more...
  16. Vikk

    Attention all Gamers

    Welcome Sailor!
  17. Vikk

    Greetings TESTicles!

    Welcome to TEST!
  18. Vikk

    hello fellow TESTicles

    Welcome to TEST!
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