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    Star Citizen Stretch Goals Updated

    Games like this will have quite a few whales that will dump more money into the game as well, look at the average pledge price, there won't be a shortage of people that are perfectly fine with throwing 3-500 bucks a year towards the game and thats on the low end of the scale. Blizzard said that...
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    Aegis Sabre Fighter - Who is getting it?

    Yeah I got one, melted a 350R and a Avenger for it seemed redundant having them when I can get a Sabre that's basically the two combined.
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    Testies, explain your avatar

    Some basement virgin.
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    Make a public thread and create some shit about what you "uncovered" and let them go ballistic, you also need to make sure you mention something about a 2nd party within their organisation helping you out so they lose their fucking minds.
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    Ever wanted to feel the space wind in your hair? NOW YOU CAN.

    Nothing like cosmic radiation to strengthen my follicals and give my hair its natural glow.
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    Quotes for TEST Squadron!

    "what do you mean I can't use firestorm missiles near the starfarer" "What the !#$& is a safety?"
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    Mustang Enthusiasts Club

    I bought the mousepad.
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    [Discussion] Some thoughts about maturity/srsbzns.

    Nobody is under any illusion that having a discussion ona separate private forum would have any bearing on what CIG implements into their game it was more the fact that some people didnt want to discuss it and trolled in a serious thread instead of simply not opening their fucking mouths.
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    [Discussion] Some thoughts about maturity/srsbzns.

    I'm glad this came up I'm personally hoping this is run in a similar fashion as to how test is run back in eve in regards to srs bsns ops and the like. If shit hits the fan people will take their internet spaceships seriously for a few hours and place dumbfuckery on the backburner until shit is...
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    You Joined TEST Squadron - Why?

    I've been with test in eve for a long ass time and had alot of fun with those guys and had a pretty good feeling that it would carry over to SC. Also because i wanted to meet like minded people especially ex-eve players, been around since basically the start just lurking trying not to get too...
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    ED: Everything An Explorer Could Want

    I'd consider exploring if you could board the capital derelict ships and stations and go balls deep in some fps pussy.
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    TEST Brew

    Murphy's Irish Stout if you like dark beer get awn it.
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    This is why Killboards matter

    Every community is going to have people that are going to want to win at all costs and be highly competitive when they play, im defintely one of them. As long as it's done according to the games ruleset, let the haters hate. I'll play how I want to and im very positive there are others in here...
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    This is why Killboards matter

    Of course they're a valuable way to gauge how skilled someone is are you saying that sports leaderboards mean nothing in the grand scheme of things? They matter and it's a quick way to get a hold on someones skill level, obviously watching someone play and fight in a team situtation, seeing how...
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    2nd Bengal Carrier We Get

    Anything to help harvesting tears to fuel our ships will be fun.
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    /r/StarCitizen's superiority complex

    I unsubbed from the SC subreddit simply due to people not being able to manage expectations of the game and being huge rabid fanboys. It's honestly disgusting, It's nothing but theorycraft and guess work on things work, there is never any real worthwhile discussions there and absolutely no...
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    Periwinkle Alternatives?

    Why not tastesicles?
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    Periwinkle Alternatives?

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