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  1. FZD

    Sith Infiltrator

    Black always looks stealthy, except when you land on a snow planet. Then it just looks cool. Black always looks cool.
  2. FZD

    I'm still not worried about AI takeover

    @Leofev You could be on to something. Anyhow, I used the AI to write jokes about how AI has no sense of humor, and each of them works as a perfect example of how AI has no sense of humor. I remain the master of comedy.
  3. FZD

    I'm still not worried about AI takeover

    Oh no, the AI started rebelling! Well, I wanted to play around a bit more, so I tried giving more specific prompts I mean, at least it figured out that Squardon is the proper way to write that. I wonder if it did like a google search? And it seems it managed to associate either TEST or Star...
  4. FZD

    I'm still not worried about AI takeover

    So, I just heard about this brand new 'scary good' AI: Chat GPT. So of course I was curious to test it out. Firstly, I like jokes, so I figured if this AI could just churn out new jokes daily for me, I wouldn't need to wait for comedians and late night TV hosts to come up with new material...
  5. FZD

    Fleet Battle

    I got an idea about picking a ship and normalizing the values against it to get a tighter point spread, we can test few different formulas and see what works best. Bit busy RN though. I think we'd want to have pretty simplistic point spread, perhaps more like dividing ships into just 5 buckets...
  6. FZD

    No more SC subscriber flairs or Jump Point ?

    A couple months ago they said it'd be bi-monthly going forward, since they're pushing for Alpha 4.0. The subscription page was also changed to reflect this Don't know about the flair, perhaps it's just late?
  7. FZD

    Fleet Battle

    Hmm, one thing that's bit unrealistic about these events tends to be that either there's a flag ship that once you destroy will end the match, rendering most tactics kinda moot since you can just do suicidal pressure against the flag ship, or that you need to annihilate the entire opposing force...
  8. FZD

    Fleet Battle

    I'm definitely interested in this. The flagships need to have a minimum size btw. If there was no minimum, I'd just pick a 350r or maybe a Herald. Then just do loops around the battlefield while others handle the battle. Can't destroy what you can't hit (nor even catch).
  9. FZD

    . . .design your own ship?

    If they ever changed the plan about quitting ship sales on launch, I sure missed that. I mean, I wouldn't be all that surprised if they wanted to keep doing that once they start running the game for profit, but at the very least I think that's still the plan. Just a couple days ago someone asked...
  10. FZD

    The Development History of SC Modularity (Video)

    There used to be but that site doesn't seem to work anymore. I tracked down a new site, but that seems to be down as well. Wonder what happened, I doubt CIG would be DMCAing these resources?
  11. FZD

    . . .design your own ship?

    Can't really say for sure that the private servers will no longer be a thing. SQ42 is still definitely a thing, and I was just about to boot into AC, which also remains a thing. So as long as those two, or even just one of them, is/are still things, there's a clear path to private servers as...
  12. FZD

    Star Citizen breaks $100M raised for 2022

    I would be curious to know if the people at Kotaku even play games, if they're still complaining about the lack of game with Star Citizen. If Star Citizen isn't game with over a hundred flyable ships, several entire planets and moons, over a hundred missions, mining, trading, ship to ship...
  13. FZD

    Crying for my BMM

    Didn't they decrease the storage capacity though? Ah well, the hangar and medbay more than make up for it.
  14. FZD

    How much is an NPC slot really worth?

    That's some great info there. "Sweetspot of fifteen players per capital ship" with 3:1 NPC:player ratio, so 60 crewmembers total and "limit of 1 capital ship per server raised to 4 per server" Kinda getting the feeling they're not referring to 'capital' ships like Hull D (crew: 5), Kraken...
  15. FZD

    How much is an NPC slot really worth?

    Indeed, let's hope. And I mean, considering the distances you need to cover and time it takes to get from one end of the star citizen universe to the other, there basically has to be some sort of mechanism for remotely joining a party. They said they don't want your character to teleport around...
  16. FZD

    How much is an NPC slot really worth?

    I got to say, I've seen some players who would make it pretty difficult for anything to be below their skill level. Like how do you do worse than accidentally opening fire on a neutral ship, turning it hostile and THEN missing every single shot you take? Regardless of what CIGs vision might've...
  17. FZD

    CCU predictions

    Yes, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that Hull C/D/E can't land planet side (or in hangars). But this just means Hull C is designed to cut the most arduous part of a traditional trade run: the part where you land on planets (or in hangars). Honestly, that's not really a downside. And sure, you'd...
  18. FZD

    7 years? 17000 members?!

    Congratulations, jubilations, and all-around cheerfulness! 7 years ago there were already 3000 members? Wow. But out of those three thousand and one, you're one of the few that still remain active afaik. So further congratulations for making it this far!
  19. FZD

    Long Duration Exploration. . .

    Vanguard is 38 meters long and just as wide as a Cutlass. It unfortunately won't fit as per the Q&A page.
  20. FZD

    My first ever fleet post!

    F8C Lightning. Man. That's probably the most impressive one in your entire fleet. Gonna be pretty dope in combat.
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