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  1. Doc Flanigan

    [WTB] Looking for a few items, thanks.

    I almost named my 890J - "Poor mans 2950 BIS Carrack" You may be able to do what I ended up doing... and find someone to give you the paint in-game. I've got a friend with the paint, and he gives me the in-game item after every wipe. He'll likely keep it after release, but until then I get to...
  2. Doc Flanigan

    [WTB] Looking for a few items, thanks.

    I went through this last year and found several stand-alone 10y Carracks for $950+, so I just decided buy a different yellow and black skin... that of an 890J! :)
  3. Doc Flanigan

    Original LTI Ships and Ground Vehicles for TESTies

    It was a pleasure trading with you in the past. I hope you get things squared away.
  4. Doc Flanigan

    WTB Scorpius and/or eclipse

    @Hero9012 I have these CCU's that you could use to build an Eclipse and Scorpius, if you're interested in going that route.
  5. Doc Flanigan

    Hull C on sale in the Lunar New Year sale

    That could just mean they're not gonna sell it again for a couple of years, lol. I'd be more hyped if they said "Last chance before flyable, in Alpha 3.18"
  6. Doc Flanigan

    Price? Pathfinder - Veteran - LTI Package

    I saw your post on Reddit, and thought about PM'ing you there but never did. Maybe it's fate? I'd be interested in the package, for a small markup over melt value. I have have a 315p currently, but do like those old game packages.
  7. Doc Flanigan

    My first ever fleet post!

    i love the format of your fleet post, and your fleet! Well done!
  8. Doc Flanigan

    No more SC subscriber flairs or Jump Point ?

    I just cancelled mine. I don't feel that it's worth the money any longer, now that they're pushing out content half as much as when I first signed up.
  9. Doc Flanigan

    Doc's Ship Shop

    Added a Constellation Phoenix - IAE to the list, and lots more CCU's.
  10. Doc Flanigan

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    I've never seen this thread until now, but here's mine liked with their explanations: 600i Exploration: IRISH ROVER 890J: CHILLIN THE MOST Carrack Expedition: NEBUCHANEZZAR MSR: ENDGAME RECLAIMER: DOCS CHOP SHOP
  11. Doc Flanigan

    How to successfully buy a credit Javelin during IAE?

    I missed it wave 1. In wave 2 I got it in my cart, but couldn't check out. I refreshed the page for 8 hours and kept it in my cart, until wave 3. Finally I was able to check out, and got it.
  12. Doc Flanigan

    Doc's Ship Shop

    Traded @littlej0e some LTI tokens and $$$ for a Sons of Centauri pack. Smooth transaction! Pleasure to trade with.
  13. Doc Flanigan

    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    Oooh... Congrats! The Sons of Centauri pack is on my wishlist too.
  14. Doc Flanigan

    Acrylic TEST logos for sale

    I'm willing to ship overseas, but due to the all forms, red tape, VAT and duty taxes... it's just not cost effective for me to send them one at a time. I would prefer to work with someone in TEST as a distributor in Europe or other areas. If you're interested, please PM me and we'll work out...
  15. Doc Flanigan

    Acrylic TEST logos for sale

    Hey y’all! I made another TEST logo for myself and wanted to see anyone else was interested in them. They're laser cut from .20" inch black acrylic. Their dimensions are about 3.75 inches tall x 6.5 inches long (5mm x 95mm x 165mm). They weight about 3 oz. They're hand painted by me in a...
  16. Doc Flanigan

    I made a TEST logo out of acrylic

    Tonight’s work
  17. Doc Flanigan

    I made a TEST logo out of acrylic

    Here’s the final prototype before production. 4” x 7”. It should accommodate most large mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans. I’ll be posting an ad for these in the Marketplace soon. They’ll be $15 shipped in the lower 48. This first image makes the in-lay look silver, but it’s semi gloss gold as...
  18. Doc Flanigan

    I made a TEST logo out of acrylic

    Wow! I'd say you're as mental as I am. I drive a 2000 Honda CRV 250k miles, but have a Glowforge and a Langmuir CNC Plasma table. 🤣 You've done some really, really nice work. I love the TEST glassware. I'm constantly learning new techniques... and buying new tools so I will definitely reach...
  19. Doc Flanigan

    Star Citizen new ship! RSI Galaxy

    Gear video Montoya! looking forward to this one. and before anyone else says it… “WhY DoNt ThEy StOp MaKiNg ShIps AnD fInIsh ThE gAmE?!?!”
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