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  1. NaffNaffBobFace

    My buyback section + Store credit at 70% value (Updated 2019/07/23)

    A warm welcome to TEST, great to have you here I hope you have a lot of fun with the org! :like: I can see your first post was a sales post - please note as a precaution against scammers or persons attempting to take advantage of TESTly good nature for profit (many sell at-cost+pay-pal fees...
  2. NaffNaffBobFace

    Testing Please Ignore

    An exestential question which may well be an ecumenical matter. View:
  3. NaffNaffBobFace

    Shit new applicants are saying

    Welcome aboard! If you were about in the Tevarin wars you're at least 350 years old which explains your years of expiriance of things which go boom in the cold. Centuries of practice.
  4. NaffNaffBobFace

    Does Test squadron have a medical division?

    Who needs to upgrade? If it runs SC even at crap tier, it runs - Smoke 'em if you got 'em! (I'm still playing on an FX8350 and RX570 4gb)
  5. NaffNaffBobFace

    Intro and stuff lol.

    Welcome aboard!
  6. NaffNaffBobFace

    Feeling blah about getting ships

    Hi, further to just not feeling like grabbing more toys, yeah I hear you about the grind that the game can be sometimes. In Media there is an audience model called "Uses and gratifications" and yes collecting and making a fleet is a valid and fun use of SC which some players get big...
  7. NaffNaffBobFace

    With updates to SM, AC and racing coming up this year...

    It's super awesome they can port pieces of the live PU map into mini parts for closed map play like the race tracks - this bodes well for other "game in game" mini-map games like Star Marine (having exterior FPS only maps - imagine capture the flag with Port Olisars ship kiosk rooms) as well as...
  8. NaffNaffBobFace

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Why does the screaming guy look like the rapper in this classic song: View:
  9. NaffNaffBobFace

    Testing Please Ignore

    I must say it's the most pointless thread to put a hyperlink in to play Google at the SEO game because it's set to noindex/nofollow because it's being IGNORED.
  10. NaffNaffBobFace

    Testing Please Ignore

    You're doing it wrong, you're supposed to be ignoring this thread.
  11. NaffNaffBobFace

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    It'll get there. Whether i'm still around to see it is another matter, i'm feeling ooooold lately and have had to come to terms with the possibility I won't see release and that what the game is right here right now is the best I'll personally ever see it :-D At this point, with fully...
  12. NaffNaffBobFace

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    It's still Sunday. I mean how long is a Sunday supposed to last it's been like two weeks :-/
  13. NaffNaffBobFace

    Original LTI Ships and Ground Vehicles for TESTies

    Hope things are now going better for you dude, if you ever need to shoot the breeze TESTs right here for you :like:
  14. NaffNaffBobFace

    Does Test squadron have a medical division?

    100% of us do, though!
  15. NaffNaffBobFace

    Other T.S.A.R medical

    Hmmm, I can imagine the the Switchboard now... "Hello, you're through to the TEST department of TEST, not to be confused with the TEST department which is an entirely different department in TEST. If you are a member of TEST and would like TEST assistance please press one. If you are not a...
  16. NaffNaffBobFace

    Other T.S.A.R medical

    How do we pronounce T.S.A.R, is it "t'sar" as you'd say it written, "zarr" like the word for a Russian emporor, is it unpronounceable or is it a mysterious mystery...?
  17. NaffNaffBobFace

    Holocaust remembrance day

    Condolences and a solemn pledge that through the coldest, darkest of nights and warmest, sunniest of days what happened all those years ago will not be forgotten and to the best of our abilities will not be allowed to occur again so no one has to live those horrors again. Lest we forget.
  18. NaffNaffBobFace

    Anvil Hurricane will have a price bump post 3.18

  19. NaffNaffBobFace

    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    You didn't fail, you just succeeded in a suboptimal manner!
  20. NaffNaffBobFace

    Does Test squadron have a medical division?

    It's a good point, now we also have life-guns and incapacitation where we need to shout out for help if we fall-down-go-boom it might just be the right time for it! Once the 600i rework gets a med-bay I'd be interested in checking this out. The Cold Forge paint is a little medical, isn't it...?
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