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  1. SeungRyul

    0$ CCU Removal Notice from CIG.

    Oh my god, thank god they are removing it. My hangar list was just painful to wade through.
  2. SeungRyul

    Piecing together a TEST Tuxedo

    Talk to @Sethious he probably will be able to help you out!
  3. SeungRyul

    Star Citizen Referral Code - STAR-PT9W-F542

    Let's make this the top result for Star Citizen referral code! At the moment I see a Google ad from thebase
  4. SeungRyul

    Intro Thread

  5. SeungRyul


    We shall blot out the spotlights with our beach balls!
  6. SeungRyul


    Welcome to the best Squardon!
  7. SeungRyul

    Crazy Star Chick joining the heard of cats

    Welcome to TEST!
  8. SeungRyul

    Hi, Hello, and How ya doin'

    Welcome my friend!
  9. SeungRyul

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to TEST!
  10. SeungRyul

    Thank You All for the Support!

    @underscorexox I'll add you to our streamer list on the forums, so we get notified if you go live :)
  11. SeungRyul

    Greetings from San Diego, toes are touching the ocean currently

    Welcome! I was in San Diego a couple weeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful weather.
  12. SeungRyul


    Now this is some content I can get behind!
  13. SeungRyul

    Shadow Setup Guide + Feedback

    I have found its less the bandwidth and more of the ping to the server farm that determines your experience. If you have wired ethernet + service in your country/state I've found ping times of around 30ms which is extremely playable. But yes 300mbps is more than enough :P
  14. P


  15. SeungRyul

    Shadow Setup Guide + Feedback

    Bear in mind that setting a high bandwidth does more harm than good in most cases: More chance of stuttering. Longer latency to decode video signal. A 1080p Bluray disc is capable of 40 mbps bandwidth for comparison.
  16. SeungRyul

    Shadow Setup Guide + Feedback We have partnered with Shadow to give TEST members an exclusive $10 off their first month. You can sign up and try for 30 days to see if the service is worth it for you! Shadow Signup Referral Link: Shadow Non-Referral...
  17. SeungRyul

    TEST Book Club - February Selection

    Oh this is awesome!!
  18. SeungRyul

    Roadmap Update

    Hmmm I didn't get notified of this video either, stupid YouTube algorithms...
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