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  1. Radegast74

    The Real Reason Star Citizen May Fail.

    CONFIRMED! New Origin 980J , sale to begin immediately after 890J is live, just we make those owners look like plebs! 🤪
  2. Radegast74

    Start popping the popcorn - John Wick 3

    In theaters now! Latest "trailer"...practice makes perfect! View:
  3. Radegast74

    [Video] Variety's gaming section to be shut down and Anthem hit piece!

    Good riddance, "Gaming" section...
  4. Radegast74

    Forbes fact checking - Yes, court docs are public

    Sniff....sniff...what is that smell? It's the smell of wanting to have it both ways! Nice, Forbes... I'll say it again, running an article (or YouTube video) saying "STAR CITIZEN -- FAILURE OR SCAM!??!" is an easy (lazy) way for anybody to run up a huge number of clicks/page views.
  5. Radegast74

    Do gamers not understand logic?

    Exactly! This! I signed on for CR's vision. So far, he hasn't let me down. If other people don't like his vision or agree with it, they don't have to purchase anything. What I don't understand (well, yes I do, unfortunately) is why people why don't like it have to constantly put it down, or...
  6. Radegast74

    Trackir for gimbals.

    My understanding is that Track IR works and then doesn't, somewhat randomly, with the various patch releases. Just hang out and wait, and check each time a new patch drops.
  7. Radegast74

    Do gamers not understand logic?

    What do I "think"? LOL, thinking is hard! I know, I've studied this. Here are 3 questions: 1. What's your favorite dessert? 2. What's your favorite color? 3. What's 17 x 42? If you are like most people, the first 2 questions were easy, and then the last one...everything probably just ground to...
  8. Radegast74

    Tumbril Motorcycles!!!

    I heard they can be used as LTI this true? So the question might also be, do I want an LTI token? 🤪
  9. Radegast74

    Bethesda's latest problem: Plagiarism!

    Talking about "studios that are a hollow shell of their former selves..." Apparently, Bethesda is soon to release an expansion for ESO called "Elsweyr" and as a promotional bit released a paper-and-pencil version of the game...the only problem being, they totally plagiarized the work of some...
  10. Radegast74

    A crazy thought has crossed my mind... (games a service)

    So I know a lot of people are joking around, but I'll be the dull lad and be serious here: I'm paying a lot of money to back the development of a game that would NOT get made any other way. If EA or another big publisher was involved, they would have pushed out something around 2.6.3, with loot...
  11. Radegast74

    What I Know

    I think that CR wants big space battles to be big fleet actions (which is cool....but will be difficult for lone individuals or small groups). If you want to take out big ships, you have to have other big ships with big guns and/or big torpedoes. Potentially, several medium size ships could take...
  12. Radegast74

    Procedural Generation

    LOL....I had the same problem one time copying over a script. I guess the original code wasn't in Unicode or whatever...the ";" or whatever it was *looked* like a ";" but really was something entirely different. It was pretty funny...after I got over the urge to throw the whole damn computer out...
  13. Radegast74

    Anthem called Early Access by Developers now

    It definitely is a mix of shared responsibility for this crap. I would like to think Bioware could/would bounce back, but at this point, I don't think there is really anybody left at Bioware from the old days (?). The creative DNA and leadership seems to be gone. Unless they worked hard to...
  14. Radegast74

    Full Day/Night Cycle on ArcCorp at Area18

    I unsubscribed, just so I could subscribe again! ha ha! Amazing video, as usual!
  15. Radegast74

    Hey Frenz

    Welcome aboard, Shy Guy!
  16. Radegast74

    Goodbye Chewbacca. *Sniffle*

    Noooooo! That is really sad. I'm gonna have to re-watch Episode 4 now...
  17. Radegast74

    Anybody buying the new Oculus Quest or S?

    I'm hoping for something like the Vive, but in a generation or so. Funny, I just got my Nintendo Labo VR kit, I'll put it together this weekend and probably play Zelda BotW non-stop.
  18. Radegast74

    Banned from Imperium forums

    Shhhhhh! I mean, hshhhay!
  19. Radegast74

    Banned from Imperium forums

    Ouyay ancay alktay aboutyay ethay yspay ogrampray , asyay onglay asyay ouyay useyay ouryay ecretsay odecay !
  20. Radegast74

    Star Citizen VOIP

    Wait. Wait, wait, wait...have you tried hitting your computer?
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