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  1. glockjs

    Successfully diagnosed computer issue and resolved it! (PSU died)

    a pure sinewave ups at that. i picked up the cyberpower 810w for under $100 not too long ago.
  2. glockjs

    The Real Reason Star Citizen May Fail.

    I disagree. I usually quit games after I get max level and max gear because there's really not much beyond doing after that. Moba's are a good example of games you can play just for fluff but keep playing just for the game. Game play matters way more than mindless grind for numbers imo.
  3. glockjs

    Fleet Repository (formerly, "Your Fleet and You")

    i have a khartu...i don't want a damn khartu :/ probably gonna turn into a star runner. hammerhead might become a polaris.
  4. glockjs

    Which monitor?

    27" is a lil on the larger size for 1080p. prob won't bother you for gaming but daily use it might get to you or may not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. glockjs

    Music recommendations?

  6. glockjs

    Friend looking for a Raven code.

    your best best is gonna be to camp and hope something turns up. gl
  7. glockjs

    Music recommendations?

    at least it caused me to go listen to metal i like and find out IN FLAMES has a new album dropping lol anyways back to edm View:
  8. glockjs

    Music recommendations?

    anything by Galantis is always the correct answer... View:
  9. glockjs

    Industry Events Thread 2019 - To be updated for Patch 3.5

    i keep wanting to go to one and i keep forgetting :( dates and times aren't really my thing
  10. glockjs

    C-788 "Combine" seems to be gimbaled

    i wish when i used the c 788 it actually hit targets instead of passing right through the target most of the time :/
  11. glockjs

    I can never leave my PC alone again! (update: fixed)

    i will fill my computer with potatoes any damn time i please.
  12. glockjs

    Hammerhead vs Polaris

    They probably just didn't want to make another class lol. I'm showing the claimer as 100 vs 105 for the HH. It probably does need a little balance but the HH has half the mass so it should be quicker getting up to speed. It also has a 1/4 of the mass of a Polaris so it should fly circles around...
  13. glockjs

    2 BB/s

    Crucial has been around forever and is usually pretty good stuff. These seem to be a little slow compared to what's out there atm. If you want the fastest nvme go for a samsung 970 or to save a buck or two hp ex920 or WD black. The iops on these drives seem a little slow. If you want the...
  14. glockjs

    Hammerhead vs Polaris

    I recently bought a HH because it was relatively cheap and am now having the same debate. For now I just have a CCU in buybacks for a Polaris. HH is for protecting against smaller ships and Polaris is a Cap killer. I also think the HH will be useful in large battles for protection and also...
  15. glockjs

    Wolfy needs to pick a new motherboard.
  16. glockjs

    Raven codes are still live

    ye. don't spend too much time's costly :/
  17. glockjs

    Raven codes are still live

    Nice! I learned I suck with fighting with it so far lol.
  18. glockjs

    Raven codes are still live

    60 bucks. i think the guy might have a few more. he has them listed at 70 atm
  19. glockjs

    Raven codes are still live

    Just picked one up off starcitizen_trades and it worked fine if anybody cares.
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