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  1. DirectorGunner

    Star Citizen Caves!

    I really like how the hot and humid caves look Looks ready to jump right in
  2. DirectorGunner

    A2 Hercules - Space Combat Variant

    For me, I assume it will have it's designated use for sure, and hold out hope for additional use. A2 to me will work great for evicting neighbors who play their music too loud at night. Other than that, I just hold out hope that they'll make it a beast to contend with.
  3. DirectorGunner

    Tumbril Ranger Q&A

    "clothing items like the cargo vest will most likely end up increasing the player’s local inventory capacity " Language-wise feels like they're playing it too safe on statements like this which are less than certain.
  4. DirectorGunner

    we need this

    I need some fresh Modelo Negra from the tap... stat!!
  5. DirectorGunner

    The ultimate pirate ship?

    I think the Kraken fits the bill as the ultimate pirate ship. Fastest ship deployment, lots of guns, home base. A good pirate fleet could consist of a couple of pirate cats, a Kraken, couple cutlass pirate blacks, a few of either Sabre/SH/Buccaneers, 1 or 2 emp ships like a Raven or Warlock...
  6. DirectorGunner

    Wow 5 years as a member of Test......

    5 years! {insert witty comment here}! happy Testiversary!
  7. DirectorGunner

    Nice outfit DirectorGunner

    Here ya go! Thanks bro! I don't think I have yet, I kind of have one on my Instagram
  8. DirectorGunner


    Sometimes an accident happens and you end up with only one TESTcycle. But as long as there is at least one, you can still finish the race!
  9. DirectorGunner

    The Real Reason Star Citizen May Fail.

    LMAO I click this thread being curious and get blinded by walls and walls of text I ain't reading all that!!! lmao TEST Squadron BEST Squadron
  10. DirectorGunner

    Nice outfit DirectorGunner

    Thank you! Here are Chris and I with our Bikes later :P Yea I met Jared May 4th 2018 and we talked about Cosplay helmets, and I briefly ran into him I think at Citcon last year. He remembered me at this event and he's fun to chat with. I'm looking forward to seeing him and JLee again. I have...
  11. DirectorGunner

    Gunner's motion graphics thread - Test Propaganda!

    I have these I can't find right now the video where I recorded an FPS ground combat tutorial, that had a 3D rendered thing I did for it. edit: Found it!
  12. DirectorGunner

    Caught on security cam

    Oops, just realized I may have posted this in the wrong subforum.... crap but yea! I keep laughing like an idiot when I watch this lol
  13. DirectorGunner

    Caught on security cam

    One of our fellow TESTies got caught on security cam trying to move his boat View:
  14. DirectorGunner

    Caterpillar Pirate Edition

    limited availability, for now, grey market or when/if they sell it again during an anniversary or holiday sale or some kind of major release to Arena Commander.
  15. DirectorGunner

    Do gamers not understand logic?

    Assuming what you mean " peppered with emotive attacks " is not sufficient to discredit "admonishes people for not using logic " Also, if you want to have a debate for fun I am all game. Weaken my arguments, and please challenge me, I need to improve. I'll start with your rebuttal...
  16. DirectorGunner

    Do gamers not understand logic?

    Another video, which alludes to trying to be centered/unbiased, riddled with numerous reasoning flaws. But toward the end, it gets more balanced and fewer flaws in reasoning than the first 2/3rds of the video. But then the flaws increase again toward the very end... lol. I am gonna start...
  17. DirectorGunner

    New Concept Available (Concierge)
  18. DirectorGunner

    New Concept Available (Concierge)

    Dunno why they do Self-land hangar so often... would it be so bad to include R&Y more often for warbond purchases? btw, $85 for 3 token LTI is a good deal. Debating on getting a spare pack but not sure
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