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  1. ZombieXII

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    Carrack has been named, lol
  2. ZombieXII

    Hello, TESTies! It's great to see you all again! It's been almost six years but I'm back in the...

    Hello, TESTies! It's great to see you all again! It's been almost six years but I'm back in the cockpit! Finished my degree, am electricity engineer now, and 2 years into a PhD. Eagerly awaiting 3.18 and already expanded my fleet. o7
  3. ZombieXII

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    Although I haven't been actively involved in SC and TEST since early-mid 2018 (I'm almost done with my degree!) I've hopped on after getting to play New World the past week hoping to see TEST would have a presence in this upcoming MMO. I only got to lv 20 but was more than happy with what I saw...
  4. ZombieXII

    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    Seconded on all accounts. Major *bump* for shooting range. I plan on finally getting THIS this year and would love to take it for everyone to try. And a thousand times yes for CitizenCon in Austin! I will be there, school permitting.
  5. ZombieXII

    Thoughts and prayers to all our Oregon members

    Vacation Journal Entry - Day 28 It's a warzone out there. Gas fights fill the street. Children cry as they're soaked in the sweet petroleum crossfire. I bareley made it through to the air port in Eugene, Oregon this morning. My flight is delayed. The survivors in the terminal look weary and...
  6. ZombieXII

    Destiny 2 Interest Thread

    Just got Destiny 2 and started playing today. Got all excited about raiding with TESTies but the current consensus seems to be that the Clan stuff is causing issues? bummer :/ Hope to play with y'all soon. Im gonna work on getting a Hunter and Warlock up to snuff in the mean time.
  7. ZombieXII

    X1 Presale

    Love the Origin line. Couldn't afford the 600i and I'm more than thrilled to own another spacebike (at least one of each now). The only Origin ship I own is an 85X and was able to purchase the X1 just now. I guess the 85X is technically a ship even though it feels like a fancy snub.
  8. ZombieXII

    TESTies, how did you think up your current handles?

    In high school I used to wear a black shirt that had "ZOMBIE" across the front in bold white letters. Eventually it became a nickname and then my handle everywhere. The XII was added years latter when I was learning German, I still cannot speak German however. My favorite German word is Zwölf...
  9. ZombieXII

    Hey man, I'm actually not around much while I'm in school so I haven't been active with TEST D&D...

    Hey man, I'm actually not around much while I'm in school so I haven't been active with TEST D&D for a while, sorry :/
  10. ZombieXII

    Fun RSI drama!

    I have never been more proud of being a TEST member :beers: o7 Also, how long do we have to be members before we get the mentioned perks, special treatment, and dev team phone numbers? Did I miss an orientation or something?
  11. ZombieXII

    The Last Jedi

    I can see that point. However, I would conjecture that the Jedi rejection and suppression of emotions, which are entirely natural and part of the whole being, causes an imbalance. Similarly, the Sith also disregard parts of the whole. Furthermore, Jedi presume that the Force has a will and...
  12. ZombieXII

    The Last Jedi

    Yes! I'm also hoping all of Luke's seclusion may have given him some insight in this regard and trains Rei accordingly. Luke: "Don't be a dick and don't be a pussy. Keep your shit in check but don't hesitate to waste a bitch. Now, let's begin..." Luke: *Jumps on Rei's back* "Run"...
  13. ZombieXII

    The Last Jedi

    Agreed. I understand the use of the "good v evil" "light v dark" motif for the early movies, but it's been commonplace for centuries. We need a little more moral ambiguity. The Jedi preach balance but are as big a problem to actual balance of the force as the Sith. I'm not arguing anything new...
  14. ZombieXII

    The Last Jedi

    Where my Grey Jedi at? That's all I'm saying; 7 films and and nothing, mace windu is the closest we get. Edited 'cause autocorrect
  15. ZombieXII

    Thoughts on the Terrapin?

    That's too bad, kinda figured though. It would have been nice since they sold them together in that package at one point. lol, Dragonfly -in-> Terrapin -in-> Carrack. Like nesting dolls but with exploration ships. Guess I'll need an NPC to fly my Terrapin along with me. Overall looking forward...
  16. ZombieXII

    Whelp, school started up again... see y'all in may o7

    Whelp, school started up again... see y'all in may o7
  17. ZombieXII

    2.6 Aurora LN is probably the best starter ship.

    Would agree with power plant/cooler bug or simply that they haven't actually been integrated yet. Tried swapping REC ones out on different ships and end up with no power.
  18. ZombieXII


    Welcome fellow Texan!
  19. ZombieXII

    2.6 weapons

    Update: Pyroburst are near useless in PU or multiplayer AC, I'm guessing due to desync, and likely why I see no one else trying to use them.
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