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  1. Han Burgundy

    Star Citizen 3.18 Live Is A Rough Patch

    Discoveries/Notes: -Framerates are BUTTAH -Tobii Eye tracker is smooth and responsive (BUTTAH) -The different processes (Elevators, ATC, Kiosks, ect) seem separated on the back-end and appear to have some form of error-recovery mechanism -Olisar is where ships go to die -Bed Logging only works...
  2. Han Burgundy

    3.18 is live (EDIT: we voted that 3.18 is not live)

    I've just spent my time riding the train, talking shit to players that get on. Actually died when someone threw a soda can at me. Well deserved. 10/10 patch.
  3. Han Burgundy

    Interior design

    This right here is exactly what I was getting at. A shelf is an object that contains a certain amount of "item port" space where set-dressing objects can be produced. These objects are physically modeled by artists. A spray bottle looks like a spray bottle, but several different textures can be...
  4. Han Burgundy

    Interior design

    I wholeheartedly agree that current utilization of procedural generation leaves room for improvement, but that's exactly what I mean. Truly A.I. crafted spaces are not, technically, procedurally generated. (Not in the same way) And i'd wager the reason they are spending so much time putting...
  5. Han Burgundy

    Interior design

    Mark my words, girls and boys; This is a task that will be handed off (largely) to A.I. within the next 5 years. This is the kind of thinking, modular set-pieces that is, that will make iteration via Artificial intelligence an attainable thing. They build out, by old fashioned human hand...
  6. Han Burgundy

    Profession: Hull exfoliation specialist

    Profession: Hull exfoliation specialist
  7. Han Burgundy

    End of Windows 10

    🧙‍♂️ My PEOPLE! My FAMILY! 🦀
  8. Han Burgundy

    End of Windows 10

    Just as I stuck to Win7 through the shitstorm that was Vista, I too will skip the Adware known as Windows 11. Come at me, Haxorz; I'm poor.
  9. Han Burgundy

    Star Citizen breaks $100M raised for 2022

    I would be curious to discover the ratio of new incoming players vs whales buying their fifth account. Equally curious to see how much of that money comes from Elite Dangerous commanders who've given up
  10. Han Burgundy

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    I WISH she were bigger on the inside...
  11. Han Burgundy

    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    C8R named "Woopsie-Daisy" or "Control-Zee"
  12. Han Burgundy

    Merchantman done!

    Patience is a virtue, indeed, but those bastards should give me an 890 as a loaner in the meantime. C2 is cool and all, but it aint no capital ship.
  13. Han Burgundy

    I give up.

    Following star citizen is a bit like flogging the log in a tree next to a closed window, imagining all the sweet babes that might be behind those sealed shutters. But joke is on us; Chris moved the rooms around and that is no longer the window to the lesbian sparring ring, instead bricking the...
  14. Han Burgundy


    I know, right?! I mean, it's the future for God's sake. Put that feeding tube up my dook-chute and let's ROLL, baby!
  15. Han Burgundy

    Crusader Spirit

  16. Han Burgundy

    Crusader Spirit

    Nah, bro. If I've spent a week making my cabling look sexy, I don't wanna hide that shit in a closet.
  17. Han Burgundy

    Crusader Spirit

    If they had a medical variant, the bastards would've got me. For now, my wallet survives
  18. Han Burgundy

    Screw that guy. BUY Burgundy Coin and get a 300% return, theoretically, on goods and services...

    Screw that guy. BUY Burgundy Coin and get a 300% return, theoretically, on goods and services! (Within the service area of lower west Hati) You could buy a bird! ACT NOW!
  19. Han Burgundy

    Citizencon 2022

    Skills I see this going one of two ways. A good way or a shit way. Scenario: Two pilots encounter each other while flying identical ships. They are both carrying the same loadout and their skills are evenly matched. The only difference is that Pilot A has spent 400 hours behind the stick with...
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