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  1. vahadar

    WTT - My Subscriber Items for your starter package

    Do you have a preference for the package? I can check what I have in stock.
  2. vahadar


    Welcome to the party Jack ! 🍻
  3. vahadar

    Character Repair is gone?

    I guess it is only temporary :/
  4. vahadar

    Character Repair is gone?

    Yes, but some people abused it and got rich in the dozens of millions, transfering their cash before doing a repair (which was also resetting cash, unlike initial plan).
  5. vahadar


    Sure pm me the address where you want it sent. I sent the gift earlier so I guess that mail of yours I had is messing with CIG mails then ;)
  6. vahadar


    Check your pp mail, one Nomad LTI CCU is on its way. That's for the Banu Cube you gifted me once ;)
  7. vahadar

    Stella Fortuna

    Yes. I posted in the forum about that one in 2021 or 2022 with the concierge CS reply then, and reposted about it in discord a few days ago, as we had a talk about making this emerald pack lti. My question...
  8. vahadar

    Stella Fortuna

    That's why some people use LTI CCU on such pack to make it LTI, like the WTB right now in the marketplace, that's for this pack after. You can upgrade the Ursa or Archimedes to nomad LTI and make the entire pack LTI. Too bad the MT is over the Reliant Kore or 315p which were the closest ship to...
  9. vahadar

    Me Myself and I

    Welcome to the party cyborg ! 🍻 3 guys with one application, we don't get that everyday ;)
  10. vahadar

    Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao!

    Welcome to the party Renae ! 🍻 The forum ship listing is not up to date at all ;)
  11. vahadar

    Y'arr matey

    Welcome to the party Captain Harlock ! 🍻
  12. vahadar

    Who do i have to blow to get a drink around here?

    Welcome to the party Frakkedup ! 🍻
  13. vahadar

    3.18 Bugs and continuing performance issues

    I'm now a VIP guest at the 19k club. They don't want me out of the club unfortunately...
  14. vahadar


    Welcome to the party Maxiscorrupt! 🍻
  15. vahadar

    3.18 WarBond CCU's and other items

    Verrry nice price jump for the Vulture ! And as FZD mentionned, perfectly optimal for the Super Hornet, if you could secured old Hurricane warbond CCUs (Super Hornet to Hurricane for 5$) ! Just need to wait for the annouced Hurricane price jump which has NOT yet happened unlike announced for...
  16. vahadar

    How to get a free Carrack

  17. vahadar

    Subscriber Warbond CCU this month

    Yes indeed the Warbond is not a monthly offering. Usually it is just a normally priced CCU with slightly longer insurance (12 mo). So maybe it is a new pattern and we will get monthly Warbond ccus for subs ;)
  18. vahadar

    Subscriber Warbond CCU this month

    That would be a good idea to update this thread every month, with the Warbond CCU for sale ! Like the other thread for the flair.
  19. vahadar

    Scorpius Anteres in PTU

    Or a Mantis plus warlock/sentinel/hawk/raven if you want the combo emp and dampener. 2 guys, 2 ships, more combat options
  20. vahadar

    New variant on the way (3.18)

    That was in a mail from Zyloth to some known french twitch streamer : *It is very likely that we will go live TOMORROW (March 8)*. Aim is Thursday yes, another hugely known french streamer confirmed it also. But the mail says potentially earlier Wednesday so we'll see.
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