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  1. Patrick Spaceman

    How I would make The ARGO COMPLETE PACK 2952 LTI?

    This may be of interest and possibly solve your insurance situation.. View:
  2. Patrick Spaceman


    I managed to get back in and tried salvage for the first time...all went well till I tried to sell and the trade terminal refused to recognize my cargo.... and....logged out.
  3. Patrick Spaceman


    Thought i'd grab a Hull A for shits and giggles and then upgrade it as I have a Connie Taurus and an Aquila....think i'll keep it. After owning the other two and existing with the dated interiors, I was blown away with the little Hull A's interior space usage and the final quality, so much...
  4. Patrick Spaceman

    3.18 Bugs and continuing performance issues

    So much for that....I joined the '30018' social club.. Conan I come..
  5. Patrick Spaceman

    Star Citizen 3.18 Live Is A Rough Patch

    I got in, but seems most of the ship terminals over Stanton are broken..
  6. Patrick Spaceman

    Star Citizen 3.18 Live Is A Rough Patch

    Installing the patch now, been busy for the last few many weeks.
  7. Patrick Spaceman

    RSI site has fallen on its bum

    Noticed that also...then I used an incognito browser...just to check to see if it was the site...or if I was banned...
  8. Patrick Spaceman

    Maybe we had it wrong all this time? An interesting theory...Big Bang was wrong?

    Here's something thought provoking that could challenge what we know. Initially dismissed, but the calculations are a little too precise to be coincidental, and does possibly explain some things we haven't quite understood yet, some thought provocation while we wait for 3.18. Note: I hope the...
  9. Patrick Spaceman

    Hasbro shoots itself in the foot: D&D and the OGL

    Whoa WHOA buddy! OGL infringement!...gonna need you to roll d6....
  10. Patrick Spaceman

    2022 Letter from the Chairman

    "Never gonna give you up...never gonna let you down....."
  11. Patrick Spaceman

    @Montoya Hey, changed my main character over to an alt and renamed it PatrickSpaceman

    @Montoya Hey, changed my main character over to an alt and renamed it PatrickSpaceman
  12. Patrick Spaceman

    Recomendation for MB replacement?

    Late to the party, but this link will show you what players are using (CPU and GPU).
  13. Patrick Spaceman

    End of Windows 10

  14. Patrick Spaceman

    Excess Store Credit Problem

    Ahh sweet, someone bought me 10K UEC for Christmas, along with a Drake Mule.
  15. Patrick Spaceman


    I really hope she figures the Sean Connery pic out... any rate we have rudimentary crafting..far more important!
  16. Patrick Spaceman

    Boaty McBoatface is now Star Citizen lore...

    It's offical! Found this on the RSI MPUV page: Boaty McBoatface is a thing! Apparently it has been for some time? !
  17. Patrick Spaceman


    Yeah I know...I had to block Thylbana Nyx today, she couldn't comprehend that you have character slots based upon the amount of SC packages you have, and will have the ability to purchase character slots later..I even linked the RSI webpage...still wanted to fight about it. So I ended up posting...
  18. Patrick Spaceman

    Happy Holidays Testies!

    Christmas in Australia growing up: Warning NSFW language. View: View:
  19. Patrick Spaceman

    Happy Holidays Testies!

    Back at you, i'm also thankful this year Christmas Day for me will only be a nice 30C (86F) and not like the surface of Arial...42.8C (109F) like last year...that was murderous..
  20. Patrick Spaceman

    This is the quality of Spectrum entertainment I yearn for....

    The line is we wait to see if the bait gets taken....
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