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  1. White Lando

    My Intro Thread.

  2. White Lando


    Welcome! :o7:
  3. White Lando

    I had to look up what ‘forum’ meant..

    Welcome! :o7: Apparently my cheers emoji isn't loading so you only get a salute. I'll throw in a thumbs up. :like:
  4. White Lando

    Greetings All

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  5. White Lando

    Heroes, Heroines and villains of TEST.

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  6. White Lando

    Happy New Year

    2023! Let's go! 🍻 :o7:
  7. White Lando

    o7 Greetings all

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  8. White Lando

    Happy Holidays Testies!

    Happy Holidays, fellow nerds :o7:
  9. White Lando

    Greetings from old new member!

    Welcome to the forum! 🍻 :o7:
  10. White Lando

    o7 guys

    I'm still on 8 bit NES :drunk: Welcome! 🍻:o7:
  11. White Lando

    DirtyBacon of the 101st Janitorial Wing

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  12. White Lando

    Yo TEST Squadron!

    Freaking show off over here! Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  13. White Lando

    Hello All!

    Nice fleet! Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  14. White Lando

    Blind Owl’s Birthday

    Who? Owl jokes never get old Happy bday! 🍻 :o7:
  15. White Lando

    I ended up not buying the RSI Galaxy

    Where's the booing emoji?
  16. White Lando

    Howdy howdy

    "I'm only 30" As a 40 year old, I like your style. Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  17. White Lando

    Greetings from the Eastern US

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7: Midwesterner here. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to kick some rust off my truck to make room for more rust.
  18. White Lando

    Greetings !

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7:
  19. White Lando

    Howdy yall!

    Welcome! 🍻 :o7: Chili with or without beans?
  20. White Lando

    re: Polaris Update Video

    I think they did a decent job of cramming a lot in without bloating it. Kept the original concept exterior pretty close.
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