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  1. Dirtbag_Leader

    Any ships worth grabbing to hold in buyback during ILW?

    Oh I already have all the important ships I want and am not chasing meta. Rather, I'm wondering about what other ships MIGHT become fun or useful in the future when either the ships themselves or the gameplay for them gets released. Like the cutty blue for example, no point at all having one...
  2. Dirtbag_Leader

    Any ships worth grabbing to hold in buyback during ILW?

    Now that I'm pretty much *done* playing CCU games, I find myself sitting on right around $200 in credit that I think I'd like to roll daily through some standalone ships to keep in buyback as future options. Yesterday I grabbed the Cutty Blue just cause, but will be melting it here shortly. At...
  3. Dirtbag_Leader

    ILW 2953 WB CCU watch

    Ah, been doing well between this Invictus and the last IAE, got my BMM chain down to $220, happily beating the original concept $250 price!
  4. Dirtbag_Leader

    The Ignoble Death of Indiana Jones

    The only exception I'll throw out here is Rogue One. I honestly have no idea how Disney managed to pull that one off, especially in light of how poor their 'main' SW movies were, but I honestly, truthfully, find that to be an excellent movie and I daresay one that even lives up to the Star Wars...
  5. Dirtbag_Leader

    Anvil day at Invictus! Tour with Montoya

    Carrack > Odyssey!! Had to be said!
  6. Dirtbag_Leader

    ILW 2953 WB CCU watch

    I got skeerd about that before the last IAE and went ahead and applied everything to go ahead and 'lock in' my Polaris chain, but if you're planning on one and DON'T already have the final CCUs, this A2 might be a good hedge.
  7. Dirtbag_Leader

    Invictus week 2023 promo

    Well, great trailer, but now that Invictus is here, I can't even get into it!
  8. Dirtbag_Leader

    ILW 2953 WB CCU watch

    Only reason I can see to spring for the A2 CCU would be if you desperately want an A2, OR if you think the Polaris is going to have a price increase in which case the A2 *might* make for a nice stepping stone in the CCU chain. Maybe?
  9. Dirtbag_Leader

    MISC Fury first look! Here it is!

    I think the important question right NOW is: How many fit in either a Carrack or 890J? Because then you can have multiple 'expendable' fighters which you can launch from your current spawn point!
  10. Dirtbag_Leader

    Lynx Rover Concept Sale?

    I'm pretty OK with my 120month Phoenix. . . but I DO kinda wish I had a Raven!
  11. Dirtbag_Leader

    Budget head-tracking setup for Star Citizen.

    I've tried pretty much all of 'em, FaceTraknoIR, SC's built in face tracker, a TrackIR both with the hat reflectors and IR leds, and now the Tobii. And in the end, I wish I'd never wasted time or money on anything else; the the Tobii just works, perfectly. No issues with lighting, windows...
  12. Dirtbag_Leader

    Let's play a game

    Ah, thanks, OK I get it now, vote cast! Though I think it still begs the very Monty Python-esqe question, are we talking laden or unladen swallows here? Could make a big difference for cargo ships, but it's probably fair to assume these are all unladed accelerations.
  13. Dirtbag_Leader

    Let's play a game

    I think we need a better definition of 'lowest combined acceleration.' I think you might mean the lowest sum of a given ship's starboard, port, dorsal, and ventral maximum translational rates of acceleration, but excluding fore and aft direction translational acceleration, correct? Or are...
  14. Dirtbag_Leader

    Current ButFleet

    I like all your big ships but feel you're missing one or two smaller ships. You've got the Terrapin, but what goes in the BMM hangar or for quick running around in-system? I find it's always nice to have a Titan, Pisces, Arrow, Cutter, 85x, etc. around; something with a real short claim time...
  15. Dirtbag_Leader

    Scraping together the 6th chain

    I like this mainly because it gives you the most utility RIGHT NOW, but still leaves the door open to leverage the increased value of the Hurricane later, if/when you do decide what larger ship you might want. Always easy to melt an extra Prospector when needed. . .
  16. Dirtbag_Leader

    So where is "master modes?"

    ^This is the instrumental point right here! I'll take it step further and point out it's not even really due to velocity per se in the way most people think about LINEARLY, but rather the relative ORBITS of the two craft. If you've ever played Kerbal Space Program, then you know that one of...
  17. Dirtbag_Leader

    The making of an LTI Perseus.

    This is a valid plan; I'm rather 'stuck' in that most of my 'main' ships are tied up in Ye Olde Exploration Pack which I'm pretty sure at this point will never get melted. I also have an unapplied STV-BMM chain for only $230 which will *probably* get applied but I'm waiting until after BMM...
  18. Dirtbag_Leader

    calling for preparation for jumptown 2.1 and next xenothreat

    As soon as either pops, I'ma just hop in Discord and be like: "Yo, who's running XT/JT? Shoot me a party invite!" And then I'll login to the PU and doo dat shit!
  19. Dirtbag_Leader

    Star Citizen Kickstarter Dream

    Star Citizen is: A rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person. -> Yes Single Player – Offline or Online(Drop in / Drop out co-op play) -> Sorta (You certainly get solo and co-op and PVP options, but no single-player offline option, but basically ALL...
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