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  1. Scape

    New to Test

    Welcome to TEST
  2. Scape

    Word is 4.19 is dropping

    Excellent 4.19, such progress should be applauded! Mine is updating as we speak
  3. Scape

    Hello there!

    Welcome to TEST!
  4. Scape


    Welcome to TEST!
  5. Scape

    Hi from Tokyo, Japan!

    Welcome to TEST!
  6. Scape

    Stella Fortuna

    99% sure there will be a sale. Plus with the Lynx coming out i can see a Phoenix sale along with it
  7. Scape

    Me Myself and I

    Flying belong here! Welcome to Test!
  8. Scape


    Welcome to TEST!
  9. Scape

    3.18 Bugs and continuing performance issues

    I did manage to get online once....couldn't spawn a ship and the chat didn't work, terminal in general were broken. I needed an excuse to play something from my Steam Library anyway
  10. Scape


    "my Aurora and I are down for anything!" Your Taste in Spaceships is Exquisite! Welcome to TEST!
  11. Scape


    Officer Material! Welcome to TEST!
  12. Scape

    Testing Please Ignore

    Excellent! Which fools would bother posting on such a pointless thread?
  13. Scape

    In case you were wondering...

    There are not many Orgs providing this type of critical data, great work!
  14. Scape

    Testing Please Ignore

    This thread should be completely Ignored
  15. Scape

    3.18.0 is in open PTU

    Thats the plan
  16. Scape

    New variant on the way (3.18)

    think i heard its an EMP Scorpio
  17. Scape

    Introducing SPACEBUX - Social token, channel points and rewards

    Can we buy coffee with Spacebux?!
  18. Scape

    Intro and stuff lol.

    Welcome to TEST!
  19. Scape

    Intro thread?

    Yes Welcome to TEST!
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