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  1. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Did you know...? Transporting Cyclone in Reclaimer Salvage Processing Room

    I need to take my Reclaimer out. I think it misses the sky…
  2. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Upcoming Subscriber Flairs (Updated regularly)

    Because we ALWAYS use knives… :/ How exciting… :|
  3. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Ghosts of Tabor

    Oh I have this one! I got motion sickness playing this one somehow lol 😅 Graphics look good (well, considering it’s VR). Gameplay felt smooth (reload, aim, moving around, etc.), but didn’t play much.
  4. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Internal cumbustion builds..Cars/Bikes/Trucks..Show them old build pics etc...

    My latest LTI ship… Here’s a video of it…
  5. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Screenshots! Let’s see yours!

    A Phoenix morning…
  6. PlayWithMeOrDie

    New Test member

    Welcome aboard Nervash! Let’s go!
  7. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Diablo 4 still bricking video cards

    Mine’s working fine. Just finished the story like two days ago. Using ROG 4090.
  8. PlayWithMeOrDie

    A Reminder on how to Increase Performance and remove stuttering in Star Citizen

    Thank you! Definitely will try this! :o7:
  9. PlayWithMeOrDie

    So uhhh… what did you buy from 2953 Invictus event so far?

    You can use these... Hangar Link Starship 42
  10. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Quick question about buybacks.

    I used to use CCU to build my fleet when I started years ago. Now my fleet is 100% free from CCU. All are 100% original concept LTIs or from LTI packs. Well, except the special ones (Raven, AMD Omega, BIS ships, etc.) which are not LTIs. Sooo glad I decided not to use CCU. Imagine keeping...
  11. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Screenshots! Let’s see yours!

    The feared Hurricane…
  12. PlayWithMeOrDie

    State of the Squadron 52

    Glorious :glorious:
  13. PlayWithMeOrDie

    CCU'd to an A1 bomber...

    Should drop TESTies from above.
  14. PlayWithMeOrDie

    PSA: Upcoming ship price rises

    Yes, when alien ships are on sale. Usually around mid June each year.
  15. PlayWithMeOrDie

    PSA: Upcoming ship price rises

    My wallet is on idle mode til alien week lol.
  16. PlayWithMeOrDie


    First, this is not Star Citizen, don’t compare them lol. Both has the same space theme but they’re different types of games. At least that’s what I know so far. Anyway, saw a new video from IGN. It’s looking really good! What do you think about Starfield? View:
  17. PlayWithMeOrDie

    New to Test

    A toast for Toast! :o7: Welcome!
  18. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Fury like no other

    Furyr? Rfury? Frury? Furry?
  19. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Fury like no other

  20. PlayWithMeOrDie

    Well $#1t

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