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  1. DragonHeart

    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    If I was starting over, I would skip all the small ships. Go straight for Cutlass Black and your set. And then, think about larger exploration ships or capital flag ships. Make sure to have a package for access though.
  2. DragonHeart

    Liberating the Tonk

    Does some evil planet need eradicating or something. A couple of these and nothing will be left.
  3. DragonHeart

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    The queues have become much better, around 500 now on Aus Zara server. I was considering transferring out, but doesn't seem necessary anymore. The game is quite the grind though, if you want to do crafting that is. I have chopped down trees and mined rocks for 6 hours today, and you still...
  4. DragonHeart

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    I have never played a better queue simulator in my life. It was up to 13,000 on my server yesterday. Today it was 3,000, already 3hours waited, another 2 hours and I'm almost back in. 10/10 for the waiting experience.
  5. DragonHeart

    The ultimate anime neo-noir turned hyper-reality live action?

    Looks interesting, I will watch for sure. They also announced Witcher season 2, including thumbs up for season 3. Several things to watch soon.
  6. DragonHeart

    New World MMO! - Server East Coast - Valhalla - Covenant

    Another 9hours for me in Australia. Might log in EU for name selection, but that sounds like a nightmare.
  7. DragonHeart

    3.15 is going to bring a Server Wipe!

    From reading Reddit and Spectrum, majority seem accepting or even happy for this wipe. Everyone knew this was coming, and a sign of progress with the new inventory system. I think everyone has become more use to the concept of wipes. Many Battle Royale and Survival type games have shifted our...
  8. DragonHeart

    These new images from Mars are amazing!

    Lets go colonise Mars !
  9. DragonHeart

    Nvidia nerfs 3060 hashrates so miners stop hogging them

    I'm still using my RTX 2080. The RTX 3000 series is quite a bump up in performance, but I might just wait for the RTX 4000 series at this point.
  10. DragonHeart

    Must watch fleet battle !

    This Xeno threat fleet battle video I watched was so amazing that I had to share. I always envisioned something fun and amazing like this, and its finally happening. More events like this would be awesome. :like: Lead us to victory great leader Montoya ! :o7:
  11. DragonHeart

    Cyberpunk 2077 (is here!)

    Soon guys, Soon !
  12. DragonHeart

    o7 Fellow Lab Rats

    Welcome to TEST !
  13. DragonHeart

    Perseus Q&A as answered by Montoya

    QnA finished !
  14. DragonHeart

    400i Coming Soon™

    Maybe we can see it for Christmas !
  15. DragonHeart

    Perseus breaks single day funding records

    More funds for their new office ! So many employees working on SC, looking forward to 2021.
  16. DragonHeart

    RSI Perseus - First look!

    For a large military ship, at least a small medical bay should be standard really. Now that I think about it, she is kind of pricy for being on the smaller side, but large enough to get the job done I suppose. I did CCU from a spare Carrack LTI token, so smarter choice for me. I do like how...
  17. DragonHeart

    Did you see it?

    Best case scenario, it will explode and make more pretty lights. The Best of TEST !
  18. DragonHeart

    Did you see it?

    Its made for TEST !
  19. DragonHeart

    Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 Megathread - Its Done

    Having another look at the Perseus, she seems on the smaller side. Hoping she grows a little during the white box phase, maybe add a medical bay. Maybe 1-2 smaller turrets for fighter protection too.
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