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  1. Reebourne

    3.18 aiming to live this week!

    Make that in the next 9,070,900 seconds (105 days)
  2. Reebourne

    PTU 3.18 Available (Wave 3 / Open PTU!)

    Anyone know what 1scu of the new salvaged material sells for?
  3. Reebourne

    End of Windows 10

    Yes just upgraded to 11 for free.
  4. Reebourne

    End of Windows 10

    Version 21H1 May 18, 2021 Dec 13, 2022 Hmm looks like mine got retired yesterday. Does it get a pension payment!
  5. Reebourne

    07 From the New Guy

    07 From an Old guy to the New Guy.
  6. Reebourne

    Salvage Division name?

    I like "Iron Piranhas" or "Locus Swarm"
  7. Reebourne

    Free loot after siege of Orison

    But if no one else has picked the dead guys clean before you board the shuttle, you can get their stuff straight to inventory.
  8. Reebourne

    Free loot after siege of Orison

    Nope just travel back with the loot
  9. Reebourne

    Free loot after siege of Orison

    yup but there is no one alive in there.
  10. Reebourne

    Free loot after siege of Orison

    Just a heads up , you can still travel to the platforms and loot the good guys without being shot at. Handy to get a few spare sets of armor and weapons for those starting out.
  11. Reebourne

    LTI Tokens are back on the menu boys! £24.00 GBP Stock up while you can.
  12. Reebourne

    R.I.P Betty White

    I just heard, gutted she did not reach 100.
  13. Reebourne

    New Years resolutions 2022

    1) Drink more Beer 2) Eat more unhealthy food 3) Do less Exercise I have tried the Healthy ones year on year and failed so this year I am getting more realistic ones lol
  14. Reebourne

    EZ HAB for all your Hotel stay needs

  15. Reebourne

    Hello All

    Welcome to the Mad House
  16. Reebourne

    Hello, I finally got around to accepting Montoya's invitation from 2014

    Better late than never they all ways say. Though I am not sure who "They" are!
  17. Reebourne

    Odyssey Wow just Wow. I want one, but i'm not selling my Kidney for it lol.
  18. Reebourne

    My Fleet: OK Guys, I think I'm finally satisfied.

    Think again
  19. Reebourne

    Hi Star Citizens

    Welcome to the asylum.
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