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  1. KingNerd

    Selling everything

    So this might sound a little crazy but here it goes... I want to sell my entire account. I have my reasons, just looking to part ways with it, the account is attached to a MVP account for my starmaps so you'll get to use the bonus MVP badge on the forums if you do a lot of that, the account...
  2. KingNerd

    TEST D&D

    Please pass on the link to your players, have them swing by Wrath's stream and check him out. He's a funny dude that's a good game master, they'll have a good time!
  3. KingNerd

    TEST D&D

    Hey guys, I know you all have groups running and lots of players are looking for DM's and I think I have solution. A guy who I love watching, ex military with medical discharge, streams now 7 days a week and wants to run a D&D only stream. He has opening for like 9 or 10 D&D games per week that...
  4. KingNerd

    Glorious Leader Doing His Thing

    what's with his cheese filled arms? i thought that stopped being funny way back when they first told that joke ;)
  5. KingNerd

    CitizenCon 2016 Reactions

    Planets 2.0 was the best part. Confirmed only one complete mission (possibly, one at the most) for S42 in 2016 which sucks. No release date on 2.6,3.0 any of that stuff but happy to see all the further away things and in what stages we'll be getting access though I'm way beyond thinking those...
  6. KingNerd

    so what do your desks look like?

    im going to have to get you guys a picture of my father in laws set up for star citizen. It's amazing :)
  7. KingNerd

    The Testie Times [September Edition]

    Can we get those panties in a men's 5x?
  8. KingNerd

    Hardware advise for Star Citizen YT (GPU for $500?)

    I just wanted to confirm what you're saying about intel over amd for the time being. I started out not having a certain choice and about 8 years ago got into working on computers professionally. I have spent several years in a shop working desktop and laptops stuff, a couple years doing servers...
  9. KingNerd

    KingNerd's D&D Kickstarter

    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know (and hopefully help get a boost) that I have a third Kickstarter live! My last two were successful but that was a few years ago, it's for D&D so I know that's not standard SC stuff but I hope it's okay to post here anyway...
  10. KingNerd

    Can we get a raid going on this guys twitch?

    Cookies applied!
  11. KingNerd

    Can we get a raid going on this guys twitch?

    It's WAY early but he's a Aussie streamer :)
  12. KingNerd

    Can we get a raid going on this guys twitch?

    I've got this guy on the hook to join and he's really fun to watch, he is fairly new to SC and I just wanted people to jump in there and show him our support :) Show him some TEST love!
  13. KingNerd

    Star Citizen professional printed maps

    I saw your order, thanks for the support and glad you like it! I'll PM you details :)
  14. KingNerd

    TEST D&D

    TOO ALL ASPIRING DM'S! If anyone is interesting in trying to become a DM then I'm opening some of my time to a small group of people, 3 or 4 at the most, that want to join me in chat and go over how I run find players, prep for games and talk about some of my experiences. I will be able to...
  15. KingNerd

    Star Citizen professional printed maps

    Hey guys, if you've been here a while you may remember me but this is a refreshed and updated post! Last October I received MVP for these maps, it was something I thought would be fun to work on and I professionally draw maps for a survey company so...
  16. KingNerd

    Help me find a gaming monitor!

    Alright honest answer, I used to work for a company that did some business with Pro gaming teams and MLG, they exclusively use BenQ monitors for all their tournaments and they generally buy 300 or more a year to carry around with them. I use BenQ at the house, my dad does, blah blah blah. They...
  17. KingNerd

    Help me find a gaming monitor! And it's only $250!
  18. KingNerd

    999th Test Squadron on RSI Has anybody else seen this? WIN!
  19. KingNerd

    This guys hair/lack thereof

    Wow that's way grosses than I expected.
  20. KingNerd

    This guys hair/lack thereof

    So this just caught my eye when I was watching 10 for the Developers. I love this guy, he's smart and I like how he explains things but whoa...what's that? Bald spot expanding beyond normally acceptable levels of "grow up and shave it"? Spiked jelly filled front thin hair way past normal levels...
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